Hanging by a Moment

Today my work hours were cut. Starting this week, I will be 250 dollars short per month. I was given no prior notice, and in fact, I wasn’t even told that it had happened. I felt my stomach sink.

I have probably mentioned already how this summer we’re really tight on money- this won’t make it any better. I didn’t look for another job before the summer started because my boss told me I was going to be able to work close to full-time over the summer. Then, all of sudden, management changed their mind.

Because I am a “working student,” they feel it is okay to do this. But it really isn’t. This is my life they’re playing with. I may be a student, but I’m also a student who has bills to pay and needs money to buy food. They’ll get away with it though, because I’m disposable and they can just fire me- if they feel like it.

I looked into other jobs already but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get anything better. It is the middle of the summer after all, so finding a summer job might not be so easy at this time. If only I would have been told differently before, I could have had another job and not worry about how we’ll make it through now. People wonder why we have lawyers, but it is for moments like this one. Too bad I cannot afford one right now, and no one would probably take me that seriously on this. I still insist this is my life they’ve messed up with.

My break is about to be over and I will be off sometime this afternoon. Then the Mrs. and I will be able to sit down and talk about this. After all, we’re a team (thankfully) and I don’t have to deal with this all by myself. I just wish we didn’t have to deal with it at all. Though not to the same degree, I feel for the people who get laid off- I wonder if employers have the slightest clue of how much they can impact, in a negative way, someone else’s life.


4 responses to “Hanging by a Moment

  • mairedubhtx

    I’m sorry that this is happening to you.

  • tnavarra

    Oy. It’s like they don’t understand or remember what its like to be a student. At school, I work 2 jobs plus an occasional monthly stint for my camp back home and it never feels like enough.
    This summer, I’ve been interning.. FOR FREE.. and its killing me. I’m slowly depleting every dime I have to afford the commute and still keep my sanity by taking trips to see the boyfriend every few weeks. I keep hearing it will all pay off someday, but the lower I see my bank account go knowing I have to move into my house in 2 months and will need to buy food and other things scares me.
    I just try to look at it in a one day at a time mode. I think that’s the best remedy really. I bag a lunch for the week instead of buying it so I can afford to travel to RI for the weekend — you’ve got to cut some stuff sure, but make sure you still leave some for things you enjoy so you don’t go over board with the stress!


    • Mrs. This One


      I read your last post and made a comment on it. It addresses some things I won’t duplicate here.

      We haven’t eaten out since the summer started (except for our anniversary dinner), and it’s actually been great. I like the food better and you can tell how we’ve saved a lot of money. I think this is a good advice even to those who can afford it, it is a healthier habit after all 🙂

      Hang in there with your internship. I too will have to reduce my work hours to intern next academic year. Fingers crossed!


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