Time to Reveal My Identity?

I don’t really remember much about why we decided to blog anonymously. I do know it had something to do with the idea that our story could be anyone else’s (as far as LGBT rights go), but even if unconsciously, it probably had something to do with protecting our safety too (see: Hate Crimes).

If you don’t know it already, my biggest dream ever has been to write a book (well, really more than one). This is the case because I was a bookworm when I was little (and even still today). I didn’t have the sweetest childhood (though my mother and grandmother’s were worse than mine), and books were my only window to some sort of freedom. I knew then that I wanted to write stories for other people too.

Via thewashingtonnote.com

Now the tricky thing is that even though being a writer would be a great thing, it isn’t the only thing I would want to do- hence why I don’t pursue it as a full-time thing. Rather I’d like it to be my outlet from something else… in my case, lawyering. Anyhow I did set up this ridiculous goal when I was little to write a novel by the time I graduated from high school. That didn’t happen, of course.

I have been writing things every now and then but nothing ever becomes something. I did write a screenplay a few years ago but after my third draft, I realized I didn’t like it anymore, and put it aside. Now with school and work, I hardly have time for anything. So I haven’t tried any writing in a while.

Today though, for no reason, I began to write a story on receipt paper. After using two long strips of it, I moved on to a notebook. And then somehow I had my story going. I realized that my problem was having unrealistic goals. This time I haven’t any. I am only writing, and maybe shooting for a short story. If anything else comes out of it, then I will take it- and if not, I’ll just keep trying.

However, I will tell you this. If something (as I really do think in my heart that this is something) comes out of this, and I get published (even self-published), I will have no other choice than to reveal the real name of the author behind these words to my lovely readers. After all, how else will I advertise myself?



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