Blogging From a Semi-Crowded Classroom: Is Your Job Taking Over?

My class was supposed to start 5 minutes ago- the professors is late. I will not complain.

I was told last night by one of our closest friend that I’ve become very negative. She’s known me for close to four years, and she feels I’ve changed since then. I told her that my current job was the reason (which is in customer service). She told me that it couldn’t be that, and it had to be my own projection onto the world. Then I told her stories about my job. She didn’t close her mouth for once second, and she finally agreed with me that it was my job. So I asked my coworkers about their behavior too. They all feel they’re more snappy, short-tempered, and somewhat depressed since they’ve been working there.

Then my question is: Has your job taken over you yet? And furthermore, do you feel you’ve changed since you started your current job?



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