It’s All About the World

I used to hear stories about how you should be nice to others because everything affects everyone. None of that made more sense until today.

Truth is that there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that isn’t right, and we do little about it. Why? Usually because we’re not aware of it. But what happens when we do become aware? I’ve been feeling so guilty about food and resource waste that though I’m very thirsty right now, I can’t bring myself to buy a bottle of water. “That won’t last long” you may say, and you may be right, but I truly hope you’re not.

Growing up, when my grandma wanted to coerce me to eat ALL my food, she’d say something like “there are children who don’t even eat in one day half of what you’re eating right now. They were pretty good in guilting me to eat. But how about teaching me or giving me resources to help those who don’t eat in a day half of what I’m eating right now?

I still remember when my mother, in her ignorance, asked me why I do community service (her question was: why are you working for free?). Sure I’m broke, and sure she’s worse, but it’ll never kill anyone to provide some help to others, instead of say… watching TV. Those habits have changed, I will admit, but it is because I am currently more overworked than I was before and all the little free time I have goes to some rest (which is truly less than 4 hours of sleep each night).

But back to the original problem- what to do now? People are hungry, women get raped (children do too), people live without civil liberties, people can’t afford a car, or a laptop- heck, that was me not too long ago! So how CAN we fix the world? I don’t know- or at least not yet. Yes, we all ponder on this question. But this is particularly important today because I can’t bring myself to buy a bottle of water.



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