A Character in the Making

I’m closer and closer to crossing the halfway point in the story I’m currently writing. I’m itching to start typing it out, but I’m afraid it might be too early still (this is a handwritten project so far). The story has a mix of real events and fiction. So far so good.

The lead, Susie, is seven years old. She is the narrator, and daughter of an impossible family. The story begins when the family decides to relocate, which is a decision almost always taken by adults- kids don’t get an opinion. After all, families are not democracies, but rather dictatorships. Although Susie had come to terms with the move, the dream she had the night before the day they’re supposed to move changes things for her. The dream was clear in announcing that something bad will happen and her family was in danger. But when she tried to warn her family about it, it was to no avail- no one would listen to a 7 year old.

I would tell you more but that would ruin the suspense, wouldn’t it? Needless to say I’m super excited about this. I am also reading some books about writing to guide me a bit with this process- because it can’t hurt to listen to those who’ve done it already. And I am lucky to have a stupid daytime job that allows me some time to write. A job I may lose if I don’t go back to it right now (I’m in my lunch break).



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