After the Storm Comes the…


I sprained my ankle today. It happened almost in slow motion, and since it was a public place, I pretended nothing had happened until I was back in the safety of my car. But something had happened. It’s not terrible pain and I can step on it. But it’s uncomfortable and I do have intermittent shooting pain. That one does hurt. But enough of my ankle!

I write to you today/tonight from a happier place (disregarding the ankle pain). I like my classes better, and work hasn’t been terrible these past couple of days. Do I think it’s weird? Sure I do. It’s like everything is going wrong, including the economy, and then everything becomes good again! (Except for the economy). I mean, am I the only one these things happen to? Please make me feel like this is more normal than I think it is.

One of my classes is a screenwriting class. I love it so far. I know it sounds fun and easy, but it’s more technical than it sounds like; but yes, it is fun… not sure about the easy part though. One of the things that I love about it is that we get to watch certain movies I probably wouldn’t have otherwise- like Kramer vs. Kramer (an excellent film by the way). So while I ice my ankle tonight we will be watching tonight’s movie: Tootsie.



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