I’ll Admit it- I’m Addicted to This!

What do you do during your lunch break?

I eat sometimes, but my favorite thing to do is to read. Mostly I read for school, but lately I’ve been able to do some more readings-

But what I’ve actually been liking about my lunchtime readings is that I’ve found myself some interesting company:

I named it Rick.

Okay, now seriously. The book I’m reading, Global Youth, has been one of the most interesting books I’ve read it a while. I’ve learned so much about youth in other places… like immigrants to the UK and Australia, French Canadians, Japanese technology-lovers, and Muslim youth in Indonesia. And I’m barely halfway through this book.

It amazes me how sheltered I grew up and how little I know about the world. Cultures are so amazing to me… we’re all so different, but that’s something I enjoy. But not a lot of people feel this way- hence discrimination and all.

But that’s silly, isn’t it? Think about it- would you want to wear the same shirt everyday? Wouldn’t you want to try something different?

Anyway, want a read an addicting book that will also teach you something valuable? Add this one to your reading list then!



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