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The Interview – Pt. 2

Julia was stunned by his question. Upset wasn’t quite how she felt, but it came pretty close to it. Was she giving out a bad vibe this early in the interview? She thought of the single can she had left earlier on the table. This wasn’t the time to be bitter. She needed to please this stranger somehow, someway.

“Disappointed is more like it.” She was shocked to hear these words come out of her mouth. Was she out of her mind? This was certainly not the way to try to please this man. But then again she had never performed successfully in that department. Hence the divorce. Marco Ramos, her ex-husband, made this very clear to her. “You’re not the girl I married,” he said with suitcase in hand. He was quick to leave. Didn’t even bother with counseling or giving her a second chance. A quick man; even on the times she didn’t want him to be.

Leo stood up. This couldn’t be a good sign. She must have offended him. This was the only interview she had been able to get. And here she was, ruining it before it had even formally started.

“Can you start Monday?” He said monotonously. Julia thought she’d heard wrong. Why would he be hiring her? He hadn’t even asked about her qualifications, or why she was unemployed. The situation had become a blur to her. A recent headache and a stomach-ache were unforgiving reminders that she hadn’t had enough food to function properly. Perhaps she had started to hallucinate.

“I beg your pardon?” She asked in a last attempt to regain control of the situation. Leo examined her with concerned eyes. There was more about this man than his stern composure.

“I wasted enough of your time when I made you wait in the lobby for an appointment I was late for.” This was as close to an apology as Julia was going to get. “But you waited. Which tells me you are determined to get this job.” True, but that still didn’t explain why he’d hire her like this. “I asked if you were upset. Most people would have lied to get on my good side. But you didn’t. You were honest. Even if that would have cost you the job. You put your values first.” Little did he know that Julia hadn’t intended to be honest. She wasn’t thinking straight. Her act of nobility had actually been nothing but a mistake on her part.

“But you don’t know anything about me, or my qualifications!” She protested. Unbeknownst to her, she was now sticking to her values and protesting this man’s good gesture. She didn’t think that his assessment was valid. How could she? People aren’t this kind anymore. Why her?

“I know enough. The rest is well explained in your resume and your recommendations. No need to repeat what you have already provided. But if you feel that’s not enough for me to hire you, you can join me for lunch and tell me more about yourself.” Leo hit a nerve. To Julia, this sounded like an advance. And to think that he made her believe for a moment that there was something special about her. Of course not. This man wanted something from her that she wasn’t prepared to give him, or anyone else for that matter.

To be continued… 

The Interview

The fridge was empty when Julia Carmichael looked into it. The cool air coming out of it was still something to be thankful for so she closed the door without complain. She browsed through the cabinets and was lucky to found two cans of beans. She could not remember buying them, but she was glad she had done so. Julia had been laid off from her company after being a successful accounts manager for 12 years. Her success did not matter in the end, only the company’s. She left one of the cans on the table, and she busied herself cooking the other one.

Two hours later, she found herself waiting in the lobby of the Crestia Bank located on 3rd Street and Main. She was told that the hiring manager would see her in ten minutes, twenty-five minutes ago. She tried to keep her negative thoughts aside though, and she hoped that he was simply busy with other businesses. She past time looking at the people waiting in line for a teller. It was so easy to tell who was in a hurry and who wasn’t. Like the lady who kept fidgeting with a check, while glancing at the wall clock every other minute. Perhaps she was in her lunch break and needed to rush back to her office. Julia tried to remember what that felt like. Having an office, getting the big calls, preparing for meetings. She considered herself lucky to have been doing something she loved for the time that she did. But she wasn’t lucky anymore. At least not for the time being.

Fifteen more minutes had gone by. She went against her instincts to keep waiting and asked one of the staff members to check on the hiring manager for her. The staff member, a man in his late 20s, politely went about helping Julia. She returned to her seat in the lobby, and tried not to look impatient. The man came back and asked her to follow him, the manager was ready for her. She walked by instinct, but her mind was practicing answers to the expected questions. Questions like: “do you consider yourself a team member?” and “what does leadership mean to you?”

The man opened the door to Leo Tanzini’s office, a chubby but well-dressed man. Julia walked in and Leo extended his hand. They both sat after the rather awkward exchange of greetings. She handed him her carefully crafted resume, which sat in a perfectly chosen black folder. He looked at it without a word, the tension building in the room.

“Are you upset?” Leo finally broke the silence.

To be continued…

Heat Wave

Southern California’s ridiculous heat wave reminded me why I’ve been wanting to move out of Los Angeles after being here a few months. The myth that “it’s always sunny in L.A.?” It’s sunny alright. But there’s a major difference between having the sun give us light and having the sun beat us down to our knees. Nope, I am not exaggerating. My wife is in Eastern Europe right now. The weather there? Low 60s. I envy her. Meanwhile I type from a studio which lacks air conditioning and feels like it’s about burn my soul.

I have a final tomorrow at 1pm. This heat has made it hard for me to concentrate. What’s worse, I will be working outdoors tomorrow before my test. Someone, please come to my rescue.

Enough b**ching about the weather. Let’s just settle it, I’m making my wife move with me to a cooler place. Maybe not right this minute, but perhaps after graduate school. I’ll be lucky if I can make it another 4 years in this place.

In other news– I have to finish writing the rest of my script by Friday. And I have training for my internship Saturday. And then I’m heading to Arizona on Sunday… And you thought I was whining about the weather.


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