Heat Wave

Southern California’s ridiculous heat wave reminded me why I’ve been wanting to move out of Los Angeles after being here a few months. The myth that “it’s always sunny in L.A.?” It’s sunny alright. But there’s a major difference between having the sun give us light and having the sun beat us down to our knees. Nope, I am not exaggerating. My wife is in Eastern Europe right now. The weather there? Low 60s. I envy her. Meanwhile I type from a studio which lacks air conditioning and feels like it’s about burn my soul.

I have a final tomorrow at 1pm. This heat has made it hard for me to concentrate. What’s worse, I will be working outdoors tomorrow before my test. Someone, please come to my rescue.

Enough b**ching about the weather. Let’s just settle it, I’m making my wife move with me to a cooler place. Maybe not right this minute, but perhaps after graduate school. I’ll be lucky if I can make it another 4 years in this place.

In other news– I have to finish writing the rest of my script by Friday. And I have training for my internship Saturday. And then I’m heading to Arizona on Sunday… And you thought I was whining about the weather.



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