I got my third decision today. “Waitlisted” at We’re Not Sure We Want You University (WU). It wasn’t a rejection, but it wasn’t an acceptance. What to make of it then? My wife said: “That’s a good thing. Better than getting rejected right away!” But is it? I replied to her: “Let me explain how I feel right now. Say we’re still dating. Then you ask me to marry you. To which I say ‘Gosh, that sounds great, but I think this other girl I really like might propose soon too. So let’s wait a bit, and if that doesn’t work out, then we can revisit your proposition.'”

Should I withdraw? I’m not sure yet. I might be too emotional still to make a rational decision.

-Mrs. This One


2 responses to “Waitlisted

  • quotidianhudsonriver

    The only problem with your analogy is that your “date” is asking a lot of people to marry them…many of whom will say yes but many of whom will say no because they are waiting on the cuter one in the corner of the bar to say yes… and if cutie does say yes it is “sayonara” to your “date” which opens up their life to you…

    Seriously, don’t make decisions about the next three years of your life when you are emotional.

    There is never a reason to remove yourself from a wait list until you have chosen and feel good about saying yes to to one of your other suitors.

    • Mrs. This One

      Thank you for your words. It’d take more guts to withdraw than what I currently have. I am setting up an interview, so I’m being as rational about this as possible. After all, it was not a rejection, I have to acknowledge that.


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