I thought that after I got accepted to law school I’d be overwhelmed with excitement. And I was, until reality hit hard. 

Although I was able to overcome my weak LSAT in this admissions cycle, I cannot say the same about this cycle’s financial aid. I was hoping that my GPA and other non-LSAT factors alone would grant me some sort of aid, but scholarship offers have been lacking so far. It makes it slightly scarier that I have seen people with lower numbers (both LSAT and GPA) get something, when I’m still stuck at nada.

As a married student, I have much more to consider than a single student when making a final decision. Every loan I take will belong to a joint debt. And I can’t take this lightly.

I’ve been admitted, but this is only half the journey. Being able to afford it will be the next step.

-Mrs. This One


3 responses to “Fear

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    Oh, man, do I hear you. Sometimes I remember the scholarship I got to the University of Oregon and cringe at how I waved it away dismissively. “I could do that, but then I’d have to stay in Oregon!” My decision to go where the scholarships weren’t is one I’ll be thinking of daily for the next twenty years. Whee, huh? But if you’ve got a plan going in–unlike yours truly–I truly believe you’ll find a way. I just hope that way is on the “less painful” end of the spectrum.

  • forevertangled

    You have no idea how much I understand you. I spent my whole summer shivering from fear because I knew I’d be accepted at college but my main concern was to afford it. This year was awful for my parents and I knew that, I couldn’t wait for them to pay me everything because I know they wanted to, but they just couldn’t. I worked the whole summer, for the first time in my life, and it really paid off. It wasn’t much but it was enough until I know something about scholarship but, like you, I got a whole bunch of nothing. I asked for a loan in numerous banks but every single one of them declined it because this country doesn’t give a damn about students. I let myself down for a while but I knew that I had to fight to stay there and to study. I just couldn’t possibly give up from something I love and from something I need. It’s an impressive thing, the power of will, you know? I wish you all the best and you can do it, believe me. Greetings!

  • cecaria

    Your being married is probably part of the reason. From what I know, married people tend to get less financial aid. But I’m sure you will do well. Good luck!

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