Searching for Free Money

The thoughts of interests accruing in student loans I haven’t gotten yet have haunting me since before I even took the LSAT. Isn’t it crazy to think that the money you spend on a degree could have gotten you a house? I suppose you could say that you cannot put a price on education, but it seems to me that this is exactly what universities keep doing.

Although I received a merit scholarship from the school, and I will probably get a small need-based grant as well, this does not even begin to cover the half of it. So here I am, searching for more scholarships.

So far I have compiled a nice little list of scholarships I will be elegible to apply for. The hardest part was to get the recommendation letters, but to my surprise, the three professors I asked were happy to do it- and I only needed two nods! Now I will devote my time to essay writing. Easy, one may think, until one realizes that there some of them even require you to write five essays (yes, five!).

My only confidence problem is that I haven’t been able to win a scholarship in about two years now. Sure, I didn’t try as hard as I’m planning to try now- but it does make me wonder whether it would all be worth it.

Only time can tell, right?

-Mrs. This One.

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