Finals Season

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to attend a university on the quarter system, you’d know that the saying “if you snooze, you lose” has never been truer. It feels like midterms happened last week. Now I’m already working on finals.

Thanks to the indecisiveness of one of my professors, I have a final paper due this coming Wednesday instead of Finals Week (which takes places next week). Due to the change coming so late in the term, I was unable to request time off from work. This is the beauty of being a working student.

Though I should admit that I am to blamed as well, I should have used my time wisely. I did catch up on some homework, met with a study group for a different class, AND applied to one of the scholarships in my list! Okay so maybe I haven’t been so terrible after all. All I got to do is keep reminding myself that after the next ten days, I will be checking into a hotel with my wife for Admitted Students Weekend. Not so terrible after all.

-Mrs. This One 

3 responses to “Finals Season

  • mrjmflynn

    I went to UG on the quarter system and when I read that some law schools do the same it scared me. 11 weeks is not enough time. Good luck on finals.

  • maroon5gurl88

    Yep, feel your pain! I had three papers due in the same week last semester so as soon as one was written, another had to be edited and whatnot. Hang in there!

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    I intend to return to school someday, but the last few days I’ve found myself thinking how much I don’t want to be subjected to professors’ whims again. I suppose it’s something for which I just have to steel myself, eh?

    I hope the ten days until a little quiet pass speedily and without too much teeth-gnashing!

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