We’re Getting Rid of Nature

I grew up in a foreign land (to most Americans). I spent most of my childhood traveling and it allowed me to see many beautiful places. When I say traveling, I don’t mean the vacation type, but rather a different kind. My grandparents traveled a lot for work and I tagged along sometimes. At times we stayed in hotels, but this was the exception rather than the rule. And when we did stay in hotels, they were very cheap ones. Either way, I got to do pretty cool things: I swam in rivers, climbed mountains, and explored exotic trails. I never went camping or fishing in the traditional sense, but I had my share of adventures outdoors.

Somehow, I grew up and adventure vanished a bit. Especially in the US, my time is mostly spent in classrooms, the library, my apartment, at work, or at my internship office. These past few days, away from that, were very liberating. In fact, we’ve been watching a lot of wildlife shows too.

It’s amazing how beautiful our planet is. Yet, we’ve put so much cement on it, that I’m beginning to forget what it’s supposed to look like. Actually, the channel we’ve been watching, Planet Green, is becoming a different channel, because people don’t watch nature anymore and they don’t seem to profiting enough from it.

I really hope this is not one of those things that we will wait until it’s gone to miss it terribly.

If this could be my view every day…

Mrs. This One

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