Senior Crisis

Would it surprise you to know that I’m a bit afraid of commitment? I had no problem saying yes to my wife, but almost anything else that requires a commitment scares me.

We might be going to see him Sunday!

Recently, we decided that it might be a good idea to adopt a cat. We have been wanting to get a puppy for a while but our current building doesn’t allow them. And unfortunately, neither will our housing for our next three years. I’ve had a lot of stress-related problems and have gotten good at dealing with them. However, I still feel like something is missing. This is how we ended up talking about the possibility of getting a cat. Did you know some cats could live for 20 years? That’s quite a commitment, isn’t it? Funny enough, this is not the one that I’m struggling with. Rather I’m struggling with prior commitments I’ve made.

I started college three years after my high school graduation. Financial concerns prevented me from going to college after high school. When I was planning to go to college back then, I wanted to enter the engineering field. After three years of no math, chemistry, and physics, however, I had forgotten most of the skills I needed for that field. So when I first spoke to a college counselor about my plans, he bluntly said: “Well, you’re gonna spend about 3.5 years here in community college, and if you transfer to, say UCLA, you’ll be there 3 more years.”

Thanks to my family’s financial condition, and their ability to guilt me into the idea that I should be working rather than going to school, I chose to give up on any science-related field. Instead I did a lot of soul searching, and found myself leaning towards the legal field.

Class of 2012!

With graduation taking place in about three weeks, I look back at my political science major and I feel sadden by how I spent my last four years of education. Sure I learned new things and met pretty awesome people, but was that worth the time, money, and effort I put into political science? I don’t think so. It was a stupid commitment and I will never be able to take it back.

If you’ve ever heard people say “do what makes you, and not others, happy,” there’s a good reason for them telling you that. I would tell you. Today, tomorrow, and as many times you need to hear it so you actually do it. I personally wish I’d had more guidance when choosing my college years. But for the mean time, I’ll just be content with the fact we might be getting a cat pretty soon.

Mrs. This One

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