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Mrs. and Mrs: The Last Post

It feels like days ago when I first talked to the Mrs. about creating this blog. “You write and I’ll give you things to write about,” she said, although I always wanted her to write too. And she did, but the authorship was mostly one-sided. I even hoped that as we lose ourselves in our post-graduate education, she would feel that itch to write more- but the reality is that you’re born with the itch, and you can’t force it on someone who doesn’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an excellent writer, she just doesn’t care much for blogging.

As I considered the future of this blog, I realized that it didn’t have any. Not because of lack of potential, but simply because I wanted it to be something it couldn’t be: focused. No matter how hard I tried, the lack of specificity of Mrs. and Mrs. always let me get away with rambling. But as I continue my professional development, I know it’s time to leave rambling behind. Instead I  started a new project, “The Jurist in Progress,” which I hope will be more professionally oriented, and perhaps attract a bigger readership.

Regardless, I will be forever thankful to all of you who have shared our accomplishments and not-so-happy days during the last three years. Thank you for always coming back to read about our crazy adventures, and for being so supportive during our college struggles. Thank you also for taking the time to comment, and making the blogging process a lot more entertaining.  I will continue to read and follow you, but I will simply do so from a different username.

‘Til the next one!

-Mrs. This One.

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