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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I hope you knew that when I said “tonight” in my last post, I really meant some time today. So here is a picture of what the tree looks like now:

Isn't it beautiful?

And a bonus of my favorite ornament:

-Mrs. This One


The Packers are being Packed

This game doesn’t look so good for the Packers. They were down by six at the end of the first half. The Chiefs aren’t quite converting their plays into touchdowns, but they’re managing. Orton is playing injured, but playing good nonetheless. I hope that if the Packers do end up losing, it won’t ruin my FIL’s mood. He’s been in the nicest spirit since I’ve met him. Even made us breakfast this morning!

As I watch the game, I flip through the pages of “Night Watch.” I’ve owned this book for more years than I can remember. For some reason though, I was only able to read some fifty pages before I put it away for a long time. I picked it up once more recently, and can’t quite understand what happened before. It is a very intriguing story- I like the characters and I sure love the fact that it’s happening in England, right after the end of WWII. Maybe school got in the way before? We might never know.

Anyhow, I’m feeling super weird today. Until recently, I had been thinking that today was Monday. Never mind the football game, or that my FIL was at home watching it (he works office hours), I didn’t connect the dots. I even kept checking my grades frantically since Monday is the deadline for the professors to boost or ruin my GPA (not that they ever stick to deadlines). I also keep feeling like there’s something I’m supposed to do but nothing comes to mind. Perhaps I was kept on my toes for so long this past quarter, that I haven’t quite adjusted to the routine of having nothing to do or nowhere to be. Funny how that works- I looked forward to this moment so much after going through a week of school without being able to take any Vicodin (I was in pain 24/7). I hoped so much that I could not worry for a moment about being sick or having a paper to write for just a couple of days. And now that I’m here where I wanted to be, I keep feeling like I’m forgetting to do something. It’s almost as annoying as getting to a place and wondering the whole time if you remembered to lock your car door, but not being able to go back and check.

I think I hear the game starting again…

-Mrs. This One


Another birthday went by. The realization that things are not exactly the way you’d like them to be hits harder and harder these days. This may or may not have been made worse by the fact that I had to spend my birthday writing a final paper. Whatever happened to birthdays being the one day out of the year where you got to do anything and everything you wanted to? You know the drill- mom cooks your favorite meal, you’re allowed to miss school, watch cartoons until noon, etc.

I guess I’m an adult now and things are not quite the same. Sure, I could have spent my day not writing my paper and risk failing a class. But the consequences outweigh the benefits by tons of tons. So I declined every invitation to go out in order to make sure I get a decent grade on that paper.

But this is just a symptom. My family is not doing well these days. By default, that carries over onto me. No matter how hard I try to not let it bother me, it simply does. You worry about those you care about, it’s hard-proven science (it might not be, so don’t quote me on this). The problem is not the worrying about the family, but rather worrying about the family when I’m going through one of the most stressful times in my life. These things get to you.

So today I did what the most rational person in my generation would do, I Googled “why don’t I feel happy with my life.” The majority of results were useless. Forums of people saying the kind of thing I’d say: “look at the bright side of things!” But what should we do if the bright side is not appealing anymore?

Luckily I did find an article about how humans are ironic beings because we want to be happy yet we rarely do things that make us happy (I forgot what article it was, so if you’re the author, tell me and you’ll get full credit). So I wrote a list of things that I could think of that I knew made me happy (besides my wife). Since I know you’re dying of curiosity, this is what the list looked like (there is no particular order):

What makes me happy (besides my wife)?

  • Playing soccer.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Watching football games.
  • Going to the movies.
  • Walking/running.
  • Doggies.
  • Writing [both blogging and creative (scripts and short stories)]
  • Learning to play an instrument (at one point, this was drumming).
  • Conversing.
  • Shopping.
  • Sitting outdoors (in a park setting…)
  • Working out (when nothing hurts).
  • TV, sometimes. (One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy).
  • Tennis (I know, I was surprised too).
  • Plays (theater).
  • Videogames.

Two things struck me as odd when I ran out of things to list. First, blogging was in this list (which may explain why I’m here tonight). And second, I realized that I don’t really do most of the things on this list. It is true that I’ve been sick all quarter so my time has been more limited than usual- but in reality, I don’t engage in most of these things because of lack of time or money. Ironic, isn’t it?

I shared the list with my wife who insists I pick a bullet point per week and do it. There is a chance I will try this, but we all know how trying to put things in your schedule work versus those that just happen.

In any case, one class done, three more to go.

-Mrs. This One

Heat Wave

Southern California’s ridiculous heat wave reminded me why I’ve been wanting to move out of Los Angeles after being here a few months. The myth that “it’s always sunny in L.A.?” It’s sunny alright. But there’s a major difference between having the sun give us light and having the sun beat us down to our knees. Nope, I am not exaggerating. My wife is in Eastern Europe right now. The weather there? Low 60s. I envy her. Meanwhile I type from a studio which lacks air conditioning and feels like it’s about burn my soul.

I have a final tomorrow at 1pm. This heat has made it hard for me to concentrate. What’s worse, I will be working outdoors tomorrow before my test. Someone, please come to my rescue.

Enough b**ching about the weather. Let’s just settle it, I’m making my wife move with me to a cooler place. Maybe not right this minute, but perhaps after graduate school. I’ll be lucky if I can make it another 4 years in this place.

In other news– I have to finish writing the rest of my script by Friday. And I have training for my internship Saturday. And then I’m heading to Arizona on Sunday… And you thought I was whining about the weather.


Do I Have to Finish One Thing at the Time?

If I had a clone, I would make her existence solely about reading what I never have time to read. I know that sounds awful. You’d think I’d want her to have her own life, with the only condition that she’d play substitute for me at work from time to time, of course. But where’s this coming from?

Here are the Wall Street Journal (Saturday edition) and the LA Times (Sunday edition). Today is Sunday, and I’m still trying to finish the Journal. I’ll probably not finish the Times until Monday- if I’m lucky. I mean, I do have to play housewife while I try to finish my homework before the week starts all over again.

This is one of the biggest problems I have though- I am unable to read one thing at the time. Call it whatever it is, but I have a hard time in concentrating on one thing only (We’re watching Glee as I write this). But this isn’t only about my life at home, this is usually what my work desk looks like:

From left to right: Agenda, Essentials of Screenwriting, Ultimate Book of Words, and Global Youth

This is usually how it works, I get to work and I pull out three or four books from my backpack. Then I start reading, and changing books from chapter to chapter. Is this bad? I keep trying to figure out if this is a sign that I have a problem with finishing things. Or if maybe I am just a bookworm after all.


P.S. Yes, I do actually work while I’m at work. I still have time to read though.


I’ll Admit it- I’m Addicted to This!

What do you do during your lunch break?

I eat sometimes, but my favorite thing to do is to read. Mostly I read for school, but lately I’ve been able to do some more readings-

But what I’ve actually been liking about my lunchtime readings is that I’ve found myself some interesting company:

I named it Rick.

Okay, now seriously. The book I’m reading, Global Youth, has been one of the most interesting books I’ve read it a while. I’ve learned so much about youth in other places… like immigrants to the UK and Australia, French Canadians, Japanese technology-lovers, and Muslim youth in Indonesia. And I’m barely halfway through this book.

It amazes me how sheltered I grew up and how little I know about the world. Cultures are so amazing to me… we’re all so different, but that’s something I enjoy. But not a lot of people feel this way- hence discrimination and all.

But that’s silly, isn’t it? Think about it- would you want to wear the same shirt everyday? Wouldn’t you want to try something different?

Anyway, want a read an addicting book that will also teach you something valuable? Add this one to your reading list then!


After the Storm Comes the…


I sprained my ankle today. It happened almost in slow motion, and since it was a public place, I pretended nothing had happened until I was back in the safety of my car. But something had happened. It’s not terrible pain and I can step on it. But it’s uncomfortable and I do have intermittent shooting pain. That one does hurt. But enough of my ankle!

I write to you today/tonight from a happier place (disregarding the ankle pain). I like my classes better, and work hasn’t been terrible these past couple of days. Do I think it’s weird? Sure I do. It’s like everything is going wrong, including the economy, and then everything becomes good again! (Except for the economy). I mean, am I the only one these things happen to? Please make me feel like this is more normal than I think it is.

One of my classes is a screenwriting class. I love it so far. I know it sounds fun and easy, but it’s more technical than it sounds like; but yes, it is fun… not sure about the easy part though. One of the things that I love about it is that we get to watch certain movies I probably wouldn’t have otherwise- like Kramer vs. Kramer (an excellent film by the way). So while I ice my ankle tonight we will be watching tonight’s movie: Tootsie.


A Character in the Making

I’m closer and closer to crossing the halfway point in the story I’m currently writing. I’m itching to start typing it out, but I’m afraid it might be too early still (this is a handwritten project so far). The story has a mix of real events and fiction. So far so good.

The lead, Susie, is seven years old. She is the narrator, and daughter of an impossible family. The story begins when the family decides to relocate, which is a decision almost always taken by adults- kids don’t get an opinion. After all, families are not democracies, but rather dictatorships. Although Susie had come to terms with the move, the dream she had the night before the day they’re supposed to move changes things for her. The dream was clear in announcing that something bad will happen and her family was in danger. But when she tried to warn her family about it, it was to no avail- no one would listen to a 7 year old.

I would tell you more but that would ruin the suspense, wouldn’t it? Needless to say I’m super excited about this. I am also reading some books about writing to guide me a bit with this process- because it can’t hurt to listen to those who’ve done it already. And I am lucky to have a stupid daytime job that allows me some time to write. A job I may lose if I don’t go back to it right now (I’m in my lunch break).


Mission: Live Life Properly

I am three months away from the LSATs- scary, I know? So why is it that it is now that I get a proposal to do something else? Okay it wasn’t quite a direct proposal, but it sounded very much like one. Remember that one professor who I recently wrote a letter to? Well, that same professor told me yesterday that I was going to be extremely successful in this program, and that he will help me find funding for my dissertation. I’m not even planning to take the GRE!!!

For someone who’s family always complains about her going to college, having some reinforcement from a successful adult is a cool thing, but this didn’t happen to come at the right time. My wife tells me that I should think about it. She says that I’m stressed now about getting into law school, I will be stressed once in law school, and then I’ll be stressed after it! (aka my whole life). Truth is I’ve been pretty depressed lately (pretty much since UCLA became a disappointment- until now), and all this pressure I have over me is the reason why. But if I weren’t to go to law school… I don’t know what would happen.

The thing is that I’ve been so concerned about dodging family expectations and trying to find a compromise, that I don’t even know what I really wanted in the first place! So here is a new mission, trying to make sure that what I said I wanted is really what I truly wanted/want. Too bad the clock is ticking.


Time to Reveal My Identity?

I don’t really remember much about why we decided to blog anonymously. I do know it had something to do with the idea that our story could be anyone else’s (as far as LGBT rights go), but even if unconsciously, it probably had something to do with protecting our safety too (see: Hate Crimes).

If you don’t know it already, my biggest dream ever has been to write a book (well, really more than one). This is the case because I was a bookworm when I was little (and even still today). I didn’t have the sweetest childhood (though my mother and grandmother’s were worse than mine), and books were my only window to some sort of freedom. I knew then that I wanted to write stories for other people too.


Now the tricky thing is that even though being a writer would be a great thing, it isn’t the only thing I would want to do- hence why I don’t pursue it as a full-time thing. Rather I’d like it to be my outlet from something else… in my case, lawyering. Anyhow I did set up this ridiculous goal when I was little to write a novel by the time I graduated from high school. That didn’t happen, of course.

I have been writing things every now and then but nothing ever becomes something. I did write a screenplay a few years ago but after my third draft, I realized I didn’t like it anymore, and put it aside. Now with school and work, I hardly have time for anything. So I haven’t tried any writing in a while.

Today though, for no reason, I began to write a story on receipt paper. After using two long strips of it, I moved on to a notebook. And then somehow I had my story going. I realized that my problem was having unrealistic goals. This time I haven’t any. I am only writing, and maybe shooting for a short story. If anything else comes out of it, then I will take it- and if not, I’ll just keep trying.

However, I will tell you this. If something (as I really do think in my heart that this is something) comes out of this, and I get published (even self-published), I will have no other choice than to reveal the real name of the author behind these words to my lovely readers. After all, how else will I advertise myself?


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