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Having a Guy Sleepover

Will I be able to publish this post before my battery bails on me? Only time will tell. . .

I hear I’m not the only one who felt like Christmas was really nothing this year. What the hell is happening to us? Even in joyous times, we’re not enjoying ourselves. What does that say about us? The kind of people we are? The world we are leaving to our children? Our grandchildren?

We are having our little cousin over for what he termed a “guy sleepover:” cereal + videogames + electric guitars. And I thought guys only watched porn during sleepovers- or maybe that was just horny guys. Anyhow, I, of all people, should not stereotype.

Oops! It seems it’s my turn at the controller- Catch y’all later!

-Mrs. This One


Another birthday went by. The realization that things are not exactly the way you’d like them to be hits harder and harder these days. This may or may not have been made worse by the fact that I had to spend my birthday writing a final paper. Whatever happened to birthdays being the one day out of the year where you got to do anything and everything you wanted to? You know the drill- mom cooks your favorite meal, you’re allowed to miss school, watch cartoons until noon, etc.

I guess I’m an adult now and things are not quite the same. Sure, I could have spent my day not writing my paper and risk failing a class. But the consequences outweigh the benefits by tons of tons. So I declined every invitation to go out in order to make sure I get a decent grade on that paper.

But this is just a symptom. My family is not doing well these days. By default, that carries over onto me. No matter how hard I try to not let it bother me, it simply does. You worry about those you care about, it’s hard-proven science (it might not be, so don’t quote me on this). The problem is not the worrying about the family, but rather worrying about the family when I’m going through one of the most stressful times in my life. These things get to you.

So today I did what the most rational person in my generation would do, I Googled “why don’t I feel happy with my life.” The majority of results were useless. Forums of people saying the kind of thing I’d say: “look at the bright side of things!” But what should we do if the bright side is not appealing anymore?

Luckily I did find an article about how humans are ironic beings because we want to be happy yet we rarely do things that make us happy (I forgot what article it was, so if you’re the author, tell me and you’ll get full credit). So I wrote a list of things that I could think of that I knew made me happy (besides my wife). Since I know you’re dying of curiosity, this is what the list looked like (there is no particular order):

What makes me happy (besides my wife)?

  • Playing soccer.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Watching football games.
  • Going to the movies.
  • Walking/running.
  • Doggies.
  • Writing [both blogging and creative (scripts and short stories)]
  • Learning to play an instrument (at one point, this was drumming).
  • Conversing.
  • Shopping.
  • Sitting outdoors (in a park setting…)
  • Working out (when nothing hurts).
  • TV, sometimes. (One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy).
  • Tennis (I know, I was surprised too).
  • Plays (theater).
  • Videogames.

Two things struck me as odd when I ran out of things to list. First, blogging was in this list (which may explain why I’m here tonight). And second, I realized that I don’t really do most of the things on this list. It is true that I’ve been sick all quarter so my time has been more limited than usual- but in reality, I don’t engage in most of these things because of lack of time or money. Ironic, isn’t it?

I shared the list with my wife who insists I pick a bullet point per week and do it. There is a chance I will try this, but we all know how trying to put things in your schedule work versus those that just happen.

In any case, one class done, three more to go.

-Mrs. This One

If Dreams are Choices, and Choices are Hard…

It is Friday night, and while some may think TGIF, I’m thinking SWIFA (Say What? It’s Friday Already?). This can be both good and bad, but I will certainly let you be the judge of that. Anything I did prior to today is a blur. I am swamped with homework and studying coming at me from every which way. The Mrs. has already pointed out that I’m certainly less available. And all I thought after she said that was: wait until I’m in law school.

I’ve certainly seen my time shrink and the saddest point is that this was somewhat a choice. I emailed my BFF earlier (did I just used the term “BFF?”), and at the very end of the message pointed out that I was sure she was having more fun than me. I mean, she’s in college too, in a sports team (no, she’s not a lesbian), and working part-time. But that still does not add up to my 15 units (11 of which are honor courses), plus my legal internship, and this law school process (prepping and taking the LSAT, writing about three different personal statements, filling out 10+ different applications, asking for letters of recommendation, etc.). The crazy thing is that she chose her path and I chose mine. No one put a gun to my head and told me to go to law school (unless you count my mother. Just kidding. Kinda). I could have chosen to be a gym teacher and things would have been a lot different (no disrespect to gym teachers’ curriculum).

There are a few things I’ve learned out of all of this though:

  1. Lawyers are not just terrible* people. They are terrible people who worked extremely hard to be where they are.
  2. Dreams take some passion because without a good amount of passion, I would have given up my dreams already.
  3. Don’t marry someone who is not ready to go through everything you- and I mean everything.
  4. Blogging while you’re too busy is not necessarily impossible. Blogging without mentioning the LSAT at least once, when you’re about to take it, is definitely impossible.

-Mrs. This One

*Based on the silly stereotype that all lawyers are money-hungry, and heartless beings. A view I do not share; at least not always. 

Yes, I Want to be Read

It should be no secret that I blog because I want to be read. There are bloggers who write because they find it therapeutic. This type of bloggers would be absolutely fine if they never get a visitor to their blog. One could argue that if they’re writing online is because they want attention. But the counterargument would be that we no longer write on paper unless we have to- hence why blogging, even if just for personal purposes, would be justified. But I simply don’t belong to this breed of bloggers.

Writing something valuable that could help others has always been a dream of mine. But blogging, specially when you don’t get paid for it, tends to drift towards a journal type of writing. One in which blabbering about how you cooked eggs this morning becomes the norm. But who am I to decide what readers want to read? Not too long ago we would have laughed at the idea of people watching other people do nothing, yet Reality TV has flourished so much we can now find a show at any given time on any given day.

But I’m no Reality Blogging star. I gave up my pursuit for fame when I decided to write anonymously. This blog was supposed to be a display of the struggles of married students. But the dream has yet to materialize (at least in its entirety).

The Mrs. and I have come to know that life doesn’t quite give you a break. There is always that reading to do, or work, or the internship, or just life in general. I’m not quite saying that blogging isn’t the priority, but it hasn’t been for me given the fact that I’m unsure of what type of effect we’re actually making. But that won’t keep us from trying. I have seen other couples split due to the stress of school/work, so we must be doing something right. At least for now.

Authors Updates:

Mrs. This One:

  • Fall Quarter started off to a rocky start when I fell ill and was unable to function properly enough to go to class or my internship.
  • Had to reschedule the LSAT for December 3rd (see first bullet point).
  • In the process of applying to law schools.

Mrs. That One:

  • Did super well in the GRE.
  • Not too thrilled about the stress of it, but in the process of applying to graduate programs in history.
  • Would still love to have a puppy- right this second.
  • Went to Russia and wants to share the following pictures with you:

Moscow - St. Basil's Cathedral

Moscow - Parts of the Kremlin

Stay tuned for more!

-Mrs. This One

P.S. The Interview – Pt. 3 is coming soon!

I’m Here to Stay

It seems I fell into the trap of making this blog less of a priority. I could excuse myself with the fact that we are in finals week, but I do not believe in excuses; at least not today. It should be good news for you all and ourselves that tomorrow we will have our last final for this quarter. I estimate we will be done with school (for about a week) shortly before 11am.

After this nightmare is over, I will continue my preparations to receive my best friend who is coming to visit. Who is that lucky to be in that situation right after a long and stressful week? I’d say not many.

Although married people do tend to drift apart from their friends, I’d like to think that we can appreciate people other than us two. After all (and specially), if you live away from family, your friends take place for them, at least geographically.

It doesn’t happen often that I get to see my bestie as she lives all the way in Northern California- and we are stuck here in L.A. But in occasions like this one, even if it’s for four days, I just tend to jump from the excitement I get just thinking about it.

The funny thing is that we met online. We started to communicate on a website that also hosted blogs (just like this one!), and after emails and a few thousand text messages a month, we decided to meet. Meeting just confirmed what I already knew about her, that I wanted her in my life forever. We still communicate digitally (not as often since marriage and UCLA happened), and we see each other as much as we can throughout the year.

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. And to know that if it wasn’t because of the internet we would have never met truly blows my mind.

That’s it for now. Pardon my lack of consistency. Do know that I’m here to stay.

What’s With the Spam?

I wonder if there are some people who get paid to this. To go blog by blog and leave comments that don’t even make sense. “Thanks bro”- I’m a gal, bro. “Cool”- I just wrote about suicide and you think that’s cool?!. “I will pay to blog,” have you read my stuff? You really don’t want to pay me to do it professionally. I seriously think they could at least try a little harder than that.

What’s the point anyway? So I can go to some financial news website? If you were a good site, you wouldn’t have to spam us poor bloggers ALL THE TIME to go read you.

Am I the only one having this problem?

How to Come Up With Stuff to Write About When You’re Sick?

This is the 12th day (and counting) that I have been struggling with the flu, or what we think it’s the flu. This is really a problem when you’re trying to blog daily. I mean, think about it- how to be creative when you have a killing headache to deal with? And since I’ve noticed I’m not the only one trying to write, I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to share some tips with my fellow bloggers.

Tip 1 – Do not blog about being sick.

Although this should be pretty obvious, people seem to do it all the time. Okay, we get it, you’re sick, we want you to feel better… what’s next?

Tip 2 – Freewrite

Most people think that people don’t want to read what they have to say if it isn’t extraordinary. I strongly disagree. I think we all love stories- no matter what kind. So what happened today? What made you happy? What made you laugh? You’d be surprised how easy a story may flow after you start typing stuff.

Tip 3 – You could ask your wife

And if you’re as lucky as me, she may say something like “I don’t know, write about a movie.”

If nothing comes up still…

Tip 4 – It’s a good thing we have neighbors

Although not listed on my 2011 goals, one of the things I wanted to do for the year (and years to come) was to read other blogs consistently. I wanted to do so because I love people and the stories everyone has to offer. And I have found that sometimes after I read someone else’s blog, I end up with something good to write about in my own blog.

Tip 4 – If all else fails…

Okay, then you may blog about being sick.

-Mrs. This One


Although we are almost halfway through January, I keep seeing the same trend in the blogging world: People posting their resolutions, and others blogging against the idea of posting resolutions. It is pretty obvious why people post their resolutions- but why blog against the act of even having resolutions? According to those who blogged about it, because people never keep their resolutions. They all start happy about doing certain things during the first days of January, but comes February, they’ll forget all about them.

Well, I’ve come up with this theory that people don’t purposely forget about their New Year’s resolutions. We all have busy lives, and following a list of things that add to the stress of what’s already there, isn’t something we’ll go out of our ways to remember. That’s why I’ve decided to have a box on my very homepage to remind me of my own resolutions- which I’ve renamed to goals.

One hundred twenty. . .

As far as that list goes, I’ve started with number 5. I will be playing tennis every Saturday, and soccer every Mondays. If I can get a friend to join me, I might add another afternoon of either tennis or soccer on Wednesdays. I’m sailing through number 6- aside from my textbooks I’m reading other books for my undergraduate research project. And 8, 9 and 10 are going better than ever.

I am aware that I still have a lot more work to do, but I want to be able to hold myself accountable for these things. I don’t just want it to be a January thing- because if that turns out to be the case, then it will also mean I’ll blog less. Not this year, my friends. I quit being a quitter!

Almost Midnight

I should have planned this earlier because the fact that it is now 11:23pm makes me want to hurry for two reasons. One, I had this crazy idea that maybe I can blog once a day. Ambitious, yes, but powerful. Why?, you may ask. Because I have a long-time history of not finishing things. There, I said it.

If you look at the list of books I’m currently reading (Bottom right, I think), you’ll find there “War and Peace.” Yes the damned thing is about 1400 pages, but it still shouldn’t take the 6 months I’ve taken with it so far. And now that I’m back in school, that book has been set aside again- to collect dust for months to come.

So here I am saying that I am perfectly capable of finishing something. If I fail, rub it in, but in the mean time, I still have 34 minutes to post (so far).

My bed is the second reason to hurry. Midnight is sneaking up on me as the end of this very long day gets closer. Long story short: working with people who are cheaters and take advantage of you sucks (that’s life, I know). But tomorrow will be a brand new day- hence why the sooner I go to sleep, the faster tomorrow will come (well, technically).


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