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What’s With the Spam?

I wonder if there are some people who get paid to this. To go blog by blog and leave comments that don’t even make sense. “Thanks bro”- I’m a gal, bro. “Cool”- I just wrote about suicide and you think that’s cool?!. “I will pay to blog,” have you read my stuff? You really don’t want to pay me to do it professionally. I seriously think they could at least try a little harder than that.

What’s the point anyway? So I can go to some financial news website? If you were a good site, you wouldn’t have to spam us poor bloggers ALL THE TIME to go read you.

Am I the only one having this problem?


After midterm 1:

Me: How did it go?

Classmate: That midterm sucked. I totally flunked that. There goes my 4.0.

Me: (Thinking) Really? I thought it was easy. (Saying) Oh I know, it was hard.

After midterm 2:

Professor: Are you sure you’re done?

Me: (Saying) Oh I’m more than sure. (Thinking) Am I?


Maybe studying does payoff. I wish I could brag about it instead of listening to classmate after classmate complaining about a test which I thought clearly covered what we should know by now. Sure we all make mistakes but if that 4.0 kid flunked that test, he didn’t deserve a 4.0 to begin with.

Professor, I know you may be used to some students who don’t do anything, but I actually pay attention to you in class and do the readings because I find this thing interesting.

Readers, time to sleep for reals for the first time in five days…


-Mrs. This One

How to Come Up With Stuff to Write About When You’re Sick?

This is the 12th day (and counting) that I have been struggling with the flu, or what we think it’s the flu. This is really a problem when you’re trying to blog daily. I mean, think about it- how to be creative when you have a killing headache to deal with? And since I’ve noticed I’m not the only one trying to write, I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to share some tips with my fellow bloggers.

Tip 1 – Do not blog about being sick.

Although this should be pretty obvious, people seem to do it all the time. Okay, we get it, you’re sick, we want you to feel better… what’s next?

Tip 2 – Freewrite

Most people think that people don’t want to read what they have to say if it isn’t extraordinary. I strongly disagree. I think we all love stories- no matter what kind. So what happened today? What made you happy? What made you laugh? You’d be surprised how easy a story may flow after you start typing stuff.

Tip 3 – You could ask your wife

And if you’re as lucky as me, she may say something like “I don’t know, write about a movie.”

If nothing comes up still…

Tip 4 – It’s a good thing we have neighbors

Although not listed on my 2011 goals, one of the things I wanted to do for the year (and years to come) was to read other blogs consistently. I wanted to do so because I love people and the stories everyone has to offer. And I have found that sometimes after I read someone else’s blog, I end up with something good to write about in my own blog.

Tip 4 – If all else fails…

Okay, then you may blog about being sick.

-Mrs. This One

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