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The Avengers Finally Unleash the Right Hulk

I have no problem admitting that I love comics. I read them when I was little, I watched the animated TV shows, and I played the video games. Then later on came the movies. The latter created some awesome moments. But it also created a lot of disappointment.

Before, when I watched a movie that was based on a book I read, I often left the theater disappointed. This was mostly because my loyalties were still deeply tied to the book. If I felt the movie hadn’t done the book justice, I would automatically disfavor the movie. Then I took a screenwriting class and I learned to appreciate the creative process that went behind an adaptation. This meant that I finally understood that it was absolutely natural for the screenwriter/director to want to make their own mark in a certain story. Besides, we all know time and length also play a role in why movies turn out the way they do. However, this new understanding worked for movies based on books, yet not for those based on comics or cartoons. Why not?

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