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Summer Love

American Graffiti is on, I’m drinking coffee, and I’m craving a burger- you can blame that last one on American’s Graffiti’s publicity of Mel’s Drive-In. School’s load is increasing by the minute, but I’m finally loving it. So much that I’m trying hard not to think and dread the minute this love goes away.

There are a few reasons why I’ve started to love summer:

First, I’m taking a class with my favorite professor. He’s such a geek about politics that he makes me a geek about politics. Even today when he warned us that today’s lecture, about the Constitution, wouldn’t be as interesting as the past ones, I smiled to myself because I actually love the Constitution.

Second, my other class is truly picking my creative bug. I’m a little resentful that I haven’t been able to continue my own writing because of everything that is going on right now. But since I’m working on a screenplay for this class, then it is ultimately not so bad. Besides, I’m learning to write better, and I’m liking the challenging nature of this class.

Third, I’ve actually been able to do some “pleasure” reading. I have a gym bag full of books I got from the Research Library a few weeks back. I’m currently on my third book, and I really love being able to choose what I read.

Fourth, my wife and I have been able to spend more time together than we usually would during the academic year. Even though the difference isn’t all that significant, I still take what I can get.

Fifth, because it is summer after all…


About Blogging and Comments

I’m now blogging from my brand new MacBook Pro- never have I felt so childish lately. It is true that during my first class back in freshman year I dreamed of a new computer, but I was able to do for three years without one.

So it happens that on Thursdays, I now have class from 9am until well about 6pm. Do you know what writing with a pen for that long can do to your hand? Well, I couldn’t write with mine until this morning.

My old and slow HP laptop had to be plugged in order to function. The battery doesn’t hold charge, and on top of that, the AC adapter gave up on me as well. So I was looking at spending 400 dollars to fix my old computer. But even then, I didn’t know if that laptop would be able to stay on the battery for that long on Thursdays since I don’t have any plugs around me in this quarter’s classes.

I did a little research and along with the wife, we decided I needed a new computer anyway. Typing on this machine is almost magical, I must say.

We are currently visiting my in-laws in Arizona. Bear with me on the comments, I will reply as soon as time permits. But please, do comment away!

-Mrs. This One

One’s GPA is a Very Misleading Number

So I’ve enrolled for two classes for next quarter and I will be able to enroll on a third one in a week. Let me tell you something, this was not easy. After hours and hours of browsing for classes and professor reviews, I think I’ve found some interesting classes.

For my third class however, I was torn among two history classes, a writing class, and a Russian culture class. One of the history classes, is about the Arab states in the Ottoman Empire, the other one about both World Wars. The writing class is about comedy writing. The Russian culture class is self explanatory (I think) and I would have my wife as a classmate.

Since I am taking a class on international relations of the Middle East, the class about the Ottoman Empire would give me some background that I definitely don’t have. I am obsessed with war, hence why I’d like to take the class about the World Wars. Obsessed in the sense that I’d love to understand why people go to war- not because of any morbid reason. However the professor has gotten TERRIBLE reviews. The Russian culture class sounds interesting and I could take it with the Mrs. And the writing class is just gonna be an easy class.

If you asked me what I want to take, I’d say the Wars class. Why isn’t this choice easier? Because of what happen with this quarter’s class. It sounded interesting and I thought I was learning, but I was about to screw my GPA. Lesson to be learned: GPAs are bringing down student quality because everyone wants to take the easy class. Sad, but true.

That’s All I’m Saying

I’ve spent most of today doing laundry, washing dishes, resting and taking it easy. If you wonder why this is such a big deal for me to even start my writing with it, then you haven’t had the weeks I’ve had. Due to course load and work, we have both paid little attention to the apartment. Sure, you’d think we’d find the time to clean at least once a week, but in the past several weeks (months, really), if we’re not at school or work, all we want to do is rest.

At first I was able to cope fine. Then I spent 3/4 of Winter 2011 sick, so we realized it was stress-related. Physical pain, anxiety, headaches, stomachache; you name it- I probably went through it. So I decided to drop a class. Mind you, this wasn’t just any class- this was the class that was killing me (literally).

I did terrible in the midterm. Well, that’s really subjective. The professor chopped off a whole letter grade because I used a different word to the one she was looking for, and because according to her I didn’t mention something even though I did mention it. I had a presentation and this lady grilled me. Making sure to announce to the whole class that I was wrong. But when my classmate was wrong, she’d simply say, “well kinda but it was different.”

Did she hate me? I’m not sure. I’d rather think this wasn’t personal… I just feel like a different person knowing that I will not be dealing with that anymore. I can breath now. I can gather myself again. My wife said I’m smiling again.

For the time being I will try to pay more attention to my current classes and make sure I finish this quarter alright. Then on Monday, when I get to register for Spring, I need to be a little bit more selective as to what classes I take. Maybe use tools like Bruinwalk.com or RateMyProfessor.com. Oh by the way, when I looked up this professor’s rating on those websites (silly me, for not doing it before), EVERYONE said she was the worst professor they’ve ever had.

All I have to say is that professors should be out there to teach and help the student. That’s all I’m saying.

Going the Extra Mile

Yes, I can fit another one on top- I think!

Although we’re exactly 29 days away from the first day of Fall Quarter, I am already biting my nails over what’s gonna happen then. My department sent out an email announcing the opening of 6 more classes yesterday morning. When I finally got to my computer that night, only one class was available- also the only one that didn’t conflict at all with my current schedule (maybe it was a sign?), so I signed up for it.

The thing is that I don’t want to give up the one Geography class that I have in the middle of the day and doesn’t count towards my major, or my proposed double major (Women’s Studies). And since I want to double major, I have to make every unit count. In this case, I will either have to drop the Geography class, or take on 4 classes this quarter. But taking 4 classes would also mean more time studying and less time with my wife… Although I know she understands and if I ask, she’ll say “if it’s gonna make you happy go for it,” I feel puzzled as to what to do.

It’s bad enough that I’m hoping I can work two jobs during the quarter and that I really want to do an internship on top of it all. Maybe I need to learn to take it easy this once. Maybe.

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