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Procrastination? Again?

I have a midterm tomorrow, and a paper the day after. I just drank some coffee, Mad Men is on, and all I seem to do is browsing with StumbleUpon. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I am at my peak of procrastination. I work before my midterm tomorrow so I either study tonight, or I study tonight- yet I can’t seem to do either.

What do you do to keep from procrastinating? I don’t even have a Facebook anymore, so I’m in trouble here.

Test Coming Up

Ok boys and girls, ladies and gents, I have my final tomorrow. That means today I will pretty much be stuck to my computer and some textbooks all day long- sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I requested the day off from work to study. We woke up at 9:20am this morning (as opposed to the usual 5:30am), and I’m feeling like a princess. I really should find a new job that doesn’t require me to work so early. Waking this late feels amazing… Though I know once I work on my career job, that won’t happen. Perhaps I will have to wake up even earlier so I can commute to the city. But that’s still far away. Actually, even for law school, I will have to commute from Santa Monica (where we want to live) to downtown. So maybe not far away. Traffic, I have not missed you.

I must go before I keep procrastinating. Wish me luck!

Dear Professor

I find your class extremely interesting and I feel I’m learning a great deal. I love the readings, and though I dread coming to your lectures because I am currently overworked, I still enjoy participating and getting to learn from you.

Which is why I was so disappointed when I failed my midterm. You specifically said that we could not go over 4 sentences on our short answers, but then I didn’t get enough points because I didn’t say enough in 4 sentences. Though, arrogantly, you declared that EVERYONE in the class needs to start doing the readings and paying attention to class because we, overall, didn’t do well in the midterm, I would have hoped you could see the stark contrast of my grade in the multiple choice part of the exam. If I didn’t read or pay attention, I would not have been able to perform so well in multiple choice questions- unless you truly believe that I can get lucky 21 times in a row, guessing the right answer.

I’m not a professor, but it seems clear to me that your test was testing my ability to compress information into a restricted amount of space, rather than testing my knowledge of the material. I know that this is the summer and all, but I don’t see why I (and other students) should suffer because you don’t want to spend more time reading everyone’s actual answer, regardless of length. It saddens me, that even though you provide the right tools to learn, you fail at providing the right tools to test the knowledge learned. These two things go together- one cannot work well without the other. It is unfortunate that you are giving us the knowledge, yet you don’t let us proof such knowledge on paper.



One Sentence

I am waiting in a barely crowded room for my class to start. I came here straight from work, and since it’s getting hotter outside, I’m actually enjoying the AC being on full blast- this time. I have been dreading class today because I simply want a break, but since I have to be here, I’ll try to make the most out of it.

I found this website called “One Sentence” in which people supposedly tell true stories in one sentence- and I loved it! Some stories are funny, some sad, or ironic, and some are just plain true.

If I have to write a true story in one sentence, I think would be:

“Having no money now is nothing compared to not having you my whole life.”


I’m Here to Stay

It seems I fell into the trap of making this blog less of a priority. I could excuse myself with the fact that we are in finals week, but I do not believe in excuses; at least not today. It should be good news for you all and ourselves that tomorrow we will have our last final for this quarter. I estimate we will be done with school (for about a week) shortly before 11am.

After this nightmare is over, I will continue my preparations to receive my best friend who is coming to visit. Who is that lucky to be in that situation right after a long and stressful week? I’d say not many.

Although married people do tend to drift apart from their friends, I’d like to think that we can appreciate people other than us two. After all (and specially), if you live away from family, your friends take place for them, at least geographically.

It doesn’t happen often that I get to see my bestie as she lives all the way in Northern California- and we are stuck here in L.A. But in occasions like this one, even if it’s for four days, I just tend to jump from the excitement I get just thinking about it.

The funny thing is that we met online. We started to communicate on a website that also hosted blogs (just like this one!), and after emails and a few thousand text messages a month, we decided to meet. Meeting just confirmed what I already knew about her, that I wanted her in my life forever. We still communicate digitally (not as often since marriage and UCLA happened), and we see each other as much as we can throughout the year.

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. And to know that if it wasn’t because of the internet we would have never met truly blows my mind.

That’s it for now. Pardon my lack of consistency. Do know that I’m here to stay.

One More Day

My research project deadline has been extended to Monday. I’m too happy to write but I will make it up to you guys tomorrow.

Watching “Enemy at the Gate” with my classmate and wife. Having a good time…. oh yeah!

-Mrs. This One

Along the Lines of Revising

Hi everyone. I’m currently blogging from one of the UCLA labs and I gotta say it feels a bit weird (and a bit chilly) to say the least. Now that I’ve managed to mess up my remote access, I got no choice than to do the work I’d like to do home at school. I just finished the project I lost last week (see: “And We’re Back”) and about to start on this big research project worth about a third of my grade- fun, huh? In any case I figured a break would do me great.

I went to see my psychologist today and the best thing I got out of it is something I already knew (but stubbornly ignored as much as possible) that I create my own stress. Sure one thing is to say that and another is to write a paper when your rent is due the next day and you only have the money. In that case it is almost impossible to avoid the stress. But the doc has a point- I am the only one who can produce that stress… regardless of the situation, without me, there would be no stress.

She asked me a very important question, “if you think next quarter will be busier than this one, what would you do then?” I really couldn’t come up with an answer. I just knew that I need to look at my life a bit differently. I want good grades (who doesn’t?!) but I also have to be realistic that because of work, I simply may not have enough time to get everything done. We could say that this may hurt me when I apply to grad school, but I’m human- this is the life I have and I just need to work with what I have (I feel like I have said this before).

So today I have revised that part of me. I am starting to stop myself when I begin to worry sick about stuff that is not in my control. I need practice but I’m hoping that eventually it will come naturally.

-Mrs. This One

Time to Revise

Three more class sessions and then we’ll have finals- damn, this is going by way too fast!

It seems my next quarter will be quite more complicated than this one. How did I get myself into this situation? I’m not quite sure. I should start buying the lottery… and maybe if I win (knocking on wood), I can take some time off work. And if I don’t win, I would just be a few dollars off a week and the wife might have a word with me about my new unhealthy habit- whoa, I just went down a very dangerous road.

Let’s backtrack a bit.

A fellow blogger of mine blogged recently about the “what ifs of life.” And my comment to her post made me think about what I’d say to myself. “Enjoy life as much as you can” came to mind. I’ve been so stressed, sick, and worried lately… I have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow… I should be doing my homework instead of blogging… I’ve been feeling like I’m not in control of my life anymore. Sure I have my fun, and sure I do think I’m happy… but not as much or often as I’d like to.

I’m letting school and work be a bigger part of my life than I’d like them to be. Yes, I love to learn and make money, but those two things are not as important as the things that go on here under my cozy roof. But lately, it seems like all I talk about is school or work- I’m even writing about it now! So maybe it’s time to revise.

Time to enjoy life again.

-Mrs. This One

One’s GPA is a Very Misleading Number

So I’ve enrolled for two classes for next quarter and I will be able to enroll on a third one in a week. Let me tell you something, this was not easy. After hours and hours of browsing for classes and professor reviews, I think I’ve found some interesting classes.

For my third class however, I was torn among two history classes, a writing class, and a Russian culture class. One of the history classes, is about the Arab states in the Ottoman Empire, the other one about both World Wars. The writing class is about comedy writing. The Russian culture class is self explanatory (I think) and I would have my wife as a classmate.

Since I am taking a class on international relations of the Middle East, the class about the Ottoman Empire would give me some background that I definitely don’t have. I am obsessed with war, hence why I’d like to take the class about the World Wars. Obsessed in the sense that I’d love to understand why people go to war- not because of any morbid reason. However the professor has gotten TERRIBLE reviews. The Russian culture class sounds interesting and I could take it with the Mrs. And the writing class is just gonna be an easy class.

If you asked me what I want to take, I’d say the Wars class. Why isn’t this choice easier? Because of what happen with this quarter’s class. It sounded interesting and I thought I was learning, but I was about to screw my GPA. Lesson to be learned: GPAs are bringing down student quality because everyone wants to take the easy class. Sad, but true.

Misery Loves Me: A Valentine’s Day Story

Someone told me once that posting once a day was an ambitious task. At first I claimed that I could do it if I put the effort to it- which means I forgot we don’t live in a perfect world. As much as I’d love to come here everyday and tell you some crazy adventure that these two college kids went through during the day, sh*t happens.

Yesterday during Valentine’s Day, we worked and studied for most of the day. Hence why when my wife asked me if I wanted to go to a 9:55pm showing of Barney’s Version, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Never mind that we had a midterm the following morning, that we were tired, or that I needed to read for a different class- I just needed a break from everything.

Halfway through the movie, my wife asked me if I still had the car keys. I looked at her in disbelief as I answered negatively. She gave a not-a-good-time-to-be-joking-honey look and I could feel the panic taking over my blood flow. I ran out of the theater headed to the concierge. I asked if someone had turned in any set of keys… no luck. The first time we ever go out without me carrying my set of keys. This had disaster written all over.

It was time to make a phone call. The strategy was to get a ride home, get my keys, go back to get the car, come home and call about the keys the following day. So who was I supposed to call? Keep in mind is almost midnight at this point, on a weeknight.

First friend, didn’t answer. Second friend, couldn’t find his keys or get a hold of girlfriend who had the keys. We decided it was better to call a cab- wait, we don’t know how to do that. Third friend: would arrive in about 15 minutes. Then we had to worry about the landlord. Paying the 20 dollar fee for calling after hours.

At around 1am we made it home.

Note to self: Do not leave the house on Valentine’s Day ever again.

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