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Who Needs a Mom When You Have the Internet?

Families serve a tremendous functional purpose in society- yes they’re supposed to be an unconditional love and support system, but think about it- before you go to school and learn how to read, who teaches you how to tie your shoe laces, or make eggs, or drive, or clean your room? Well for most of you, the answer to all of these would be your mom, dad or both; for me however, it’s a mix that I’m still trying to comprehend.

As we¬†were eating a cherry cake yesterday afternoon, I told my wife that we should bake a cake (we got this one from her mom- the cake, I mean) and I made the mistake to tell her that I wanted to bake because I never had that mother-daughter experience of baking. First she said “really?” with so much surprise that I had to physically contain myself from putting some of the cake in her hair just because she really deserved it. I was still polite enough to answer her question with a “no,” to which she looked at me and said proudly, “I have.” After minutes of her laughing and repeating that she was kidding (don’t quit your job to do improv, hon), we agreed that we would get some stuff from the grocery store later and bake a cake.

After that fell through due to the little time we had to spare, mainly because we had lots of cooking ahead of us, I sat in front of the computer and “Googled” my life away. See, there are certain things that I just know how to cook without giving it a second thought: Eggs, cereal and toast. But we would agree that this fantastic menu that I can come up with is not necessarily good. I don’t know if there’s anyone to blame (other than myself) for my lack of culinary skills, but when my honey puts me in charge of the asparagus (to compliment a Salmon with quinoa dinner), I turn to Google and the millions of websites it can find to tell me how to cook the damn asparagus.

The most fantastic part is that the search only takes seconds, and if I’m lucky enough, my results will include a YouTube video to make my life easier. And that’s how I found out that you need to trim the asparagus, put on a skillet with a cup of water, add some butter on top, and let it boil 6 to 8 minutes.

This may not be much to all those of you who were lucky enough to gain knowledge and experience from the older ones in your clan, but for those like me who are still trying to figure out how to cook pasta (shhhh!), the Internet is just about the best thing that happened to us. And when I finally make the time to bake that cake, the whole process will start with typing “funfetti cake recipe” into a search box, and Enter.


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