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About Blogging and Comments

I’m now blogging from my brand new MacBook Pro- never have I felt so childish lately. It is true that during my first class back in freshman year I dreamed of a new computer, but I was able to do for three years without one.

So it happens that on Thursdays, I now have class from 9am until well about 6pm. Do you know what writing with a pen for that long can do to your hand? Well, I couldn’t write with mine until this morning.

My old and slow HP laptop had to be plugged in order to function. The battery doesn’t hold charge, and on top of that, the AC adapter gave up on me as well. So I was looking at spending 400 dollars to fix my old computer. But even then, I didn’t know if that laptop would be able to stay on the battery for that long on Thursdays since I don’t have any plugs around me in this quarter’s classes.

I did a little research and along with the wife, we decided I needed a new computer anyway. Typing on this machine is almost magical, I must say.

We are currently visiting my in-laws in Arizona. Bear with me on the comments, I will reply as soon as time permits. But please, do comment away!

-Mrs. This One

Whoever Said Having a Pet was Perfect Practice Before Having a Baby…

Has never had a dog.

The in-laws are in town- and in case you’re wondering, we’ve told them the good news already. We’re supposed to celebrate tonight. In the mean time, my wife is with her family having breakfast somewhere in downtown L.A. I didn’t join them because I have two midterms on Tuesday, so I’m studying. But because I didn’t join them, I was asked to look over JJ, my sister-in-law’s chihuahua.

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you’d know that we live in an apartment where we can’t have pets. Having an animal in the building could be a reason for lease termination. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled about JJ coming to hang with me, but I can’t say no to the in-laws; specially not now that I’m “officially” part of the family.

So I go to my study chair (comfy enough that you can sit in it for hours and study) while JJ sits on the couch. After the door closes behind my wife and her family, I look over to JJ and I flinch hoping he would just stay put. Two seconds later he rushes to the door and starts whining- this means I rush right behind him and bring him back to the couch. I pet him for a bit and he stops whining. I go back to my chair.

Ten minutes later I get hungry and make some lunch. I eat in my study chair while the UCLA vs. St. John’s game is on (we’re winning by the way- Go Bruins!). JJ starts whining again. I text my wife. My sister-in-law calls. I ask if she’s fed him and she said he ate right before they got here. He also did his business right before that. We get off the phone. He stops whining.

Five minutes later he begins to whine again. So here I am sitting with him, with a blanket over him, petting him. This is the only way to keep him quiet. Trying to avoid a lease termination. No more studying for midterms, but at least the game is still on.

If JJ were a baby, I could just give him a bottle, change his diaper and he would go to sleep. This way, I could be studying for my midterms quietly. In short, babies are nothing like dogs and vice versa.

-Mrs. This One

Meet the Parents

Because we eloped last July (refer to “I got Married! Well, Sorta“), I never got around introducing my wife to her in-laws. At the time, it had a lot to do with money. Actually, it still does; flying to visit my family entails an expense of anywhere from 700 to 900 dollars, and as students- well, we simply can’t spend that money on any given day.┬áSo we waited. And then we waited a little more. Six months later, we finally decided to finally go during Spring Break in March.

So why am I this nervous?

This is the first time I bring anyone home. This is also the first time I bring a spouse home. AND the first time I’ll bring a girl to a family who has always been against homosexuality. Although this view has improved with time- maybe knowing that I wasn’t going to change, this fact still scares me a great deal.

I wish it wasn’t this difficult.

The whole idea of my mother and my wife in the same room gives me the chills. I have been so lucky that my in-laws took me in as a second child, but I have no idea what to expect of my own family. In a sense, this puts a lot more pressure on me because I want to give my wife what she has given me, but I have no idea if I’ll be able to.

This trip is just supposed to be a week. That’s all I’ll have to endure. A week.

-Mrs. This One

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