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Alone at the Movies

I came here having something to say, but as soon as the screen loaded, puff! it went away. It doesn’t matter anyway.

We went to see “The Descendants” last night. From the previews, it didn’t seem like a great movie to me. But it made the number one movie in so many lists that it got me curious. I guess advertisement does work a great deal.

When we got there, we sat in the middle of an empty row. This is a small theater we love going to. They mostly play independent movies. I think at least one of the employees knows we’re regulars. I’ve always liked her. There’s this something something about her that makes me feel like we could be good friends. I should add this to the list of things I’ll never know.

An older lady sat next to me right before the movie started. The Mrs. asked if I wanted to move over, but I said I was fine. Unlike my gal, I don’t mind sitting next to someone in the theater, unless they are texting their heads off. This lady though, didn’t quite seem like a texter.

This is not the first time someone who is alone sits next to us at the movies. I always wish I had the courage to tell them that if they want to make a comment about the movie they can tell me, or if they see something odd in the story, they can look at me for confirmation.

I’m not trying to be weird. I have gone to the movies alone. I did it a lot when I first move to Los Angeles. I didn’t know anybody and my roommates were not very friendly. I hated going to the movies alone, so I must sound like a masochist for doing it regardless of my hatred for it. That’s sorta why I always wonder about the people who sit alone next to us. Did they just move into town? Did they have a fight with their loved one and needed to get away? Did they really have no one else? Are they loners?

This was a good movie though. Way better than I expected. It got me thinking a lot about the decisions I will have to make some time in March. I like those movies- the ones that leave me wondering what’s ahead.

-Mrs. This One

We Need Some Spice Around Here

That the most interesting thing over our spring break was dining at Top Chef’s Richard Blais’ restaurant, Flip Burger Boutique, says a little bit about being an undergrad student with no energy to do anything. No offense Richard, the burgers, sweet potato fries, and shakes were to die for, but one dinner doesn’t make a vacation. So what did we do during this vacation? The only two things we could possibly do: sleep and rest.

My parents met my wife and all parties seemed to get along. It was way better than expected- we didn’t get kicked out of the house for holding hands or something like it. If anything, my mother asked me to be good to my wife (I have a feeling I already mentioned that).

We hung out and had food. My wife enjoyed my mom’s cooking a lot. We also had some BBQ ribs from Full Moon- but my wife said she’d had better. Oh, and Salvadoran food, which was very delightful. I feel like I’m forgetting something. It was a very short week. Five days that truly felt like two. No joke.

So we’re now back in Los Angeles. And we have done a lot of nothing. Spring quarter starts tomorrow and I’m already two weeks worth of homework behind- what’s that about? I need an idea. Something to do, see, or experience. I need this and I need it quick… So what’s out there?

-Mrs. This One

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