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Study Abroad

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve been wanting to study abroad. I have never been to Europe, and although I don’t constantly mention it, it’s one of the things that I’m dying to do. Just picture this: waking up in a dorm of a foreign school, going to a small cafe in some piazza, riding a scooter, walking on the ruins of the Roman Empire…

Ciao! Dov'e la piazza?

Well, as much as we want to do this, the probabilities that we ever get to do it are nothing more than slim. There’s the money issue, having to take that much time off from work, and well, the fact that we would be paying rent here in Los Angeles as well.

Even though we said we’d stop talking about it because it seems so damn unlikely- I brought the subject up again this morning. Mainly because I got an email from the Travel Study site about a scholarship. If we both were to get the scholarship, that would at least cover the rent. If only everything else were covered too…

That’s the other thing too, we want to go together. But if you’ve ever noticed, schools don’t really have a lot of resources for married students. What’s that about?

The deadline to apply is coming up soon. Let’s see what happens…


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