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The Avengers Finally Unleash the Right Hulk

I have no problem admitting that I love comics. I read them when I was little, I watched the animated TV shows, and I played the video games. Then later on came the movies. The latter created some awesome moments. But it also created a lot of disappointment.

Before, when I watched a movie that was based on a book I read, I often left the theater disappointed. This was mostly because my loyalties were still deeply tied to the book. If I felt the movie hadn’t done the book justice, I would automatically disfavor the movie. Then I took a screenwriting class and I learned to appreciate the creative process that went behind an adaptation. This meant that I finally understood that it was absolutely natural for the screenwriter/director to want to make their own mark in a certain story. Besides, we all know time and length also play a role in why movies turn out the way they do. However, this new understanding worked for movies based on books, yet not for those based on comics or cartoons. Why not?

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Alone at the Movies

I came here having something to say, but as soon as the screen loaded, puff! it went away. It doesn’t matter anyway.

We went to see “The Descendants” last night. From the previews, it didn’t seem like a great movie to me. But it made the number one movie in so many lists that it got me curious. I guess advertisement does work a great deal.

When we got there, we sat in the middle of an empty row. This is a small theater we love going to. They mostly play independent movies. I think at least one of the employees knows we’re regulars. I’ve always liked her. There’s this something something about her that makes me feel like we could be good friends. I should add this to the list of things I’ll never know.

An older lady sat next to me right before the movie started. The Mrs. asked if I wanted to move over, but I said I was fine. Unlike my gal, I don’t mind sitting next to someone in the theater, unless they are texting their heads off. This lady though, didn’t quite seem like a texter.

This is not the first time someone who is alone sits next to us at the movies. I always wish I had the courage to tell them that if they want to make a comment about the movie they can tell me, or if they see something odd in the story, they can look at me for confirmation.

I’m not trying to be weird. I have gone to the movies alone. I did it a lot when I first move to Los Angeles. I didn’t know anybody and my roommates were not very friendly. I hated going to the movies alone, so I must sound like a masochist for doing it regardless of my hatred for it. That’s sorta why I always wonder about the people who sit alone next to us. Did they just move into town? Did they have a fight with their loved one and needed to get away? Did they really have no one else? Are they loners?

This was a good movie though. Way better than I expected. It got me thinking a lot about the decisions I will have to make some time in March. I like those movies- the ones that leave me wondering what’s ahead.

-Mrs. This One

Summer Love

American Graffiti is on, I’m drinking coffee, and I’m craving a burger- you can blame that last one on American’s Graffiti’s publicity of Mel’s Drive-In. School’s load is increasing by the minute, but I’m finally loving it. So much that I’m trying hard not to think and dread the minute this love goes away.

There are a few reasons why I’ve started to love summer:

First, I’m taking a class with my favorite professor. He’s such a geek about politics that he makes me a geek about politics. Even today when he warned us that today’s lecture, about the Constitution, wouldn’t be as interesting as the past ones, I smiled to myself because I actually love the Constitution.

Second, my other class is truly picking my creative bug. I’m a little resentful that I haven’t been able to continue my own writing because of everything that is going on right now. But since I’m working on a screenplay for this class, then it is ultimately not so bad. Besides, I’m learning to write better, and I’m liking the challenging nature of this class.

Third, I’ve actually been able to do some “pleasure” reading. I have a gym bag full of books I got from the Research Library a few weeks back. I’m currently on my third book, and I really love being able to choose what I read.

Fourth, my wife and I have been able to spend more time together than we usually would during the academic year. Even though the difference isn’t all that significant, I still take what I can get.

Fifth, because it is summer after all…


After the Storm Comes the…


I sprained my ankle today. It happened almost in slow motion, and since it was a public place, I pretended nothing had happened until I was back in the safety of my car. But something had happened. It’s not terrible pain and I can step on it. But it’s uncomfortable and I do have intermittent shooting pain. That one does hurt. But enough of my ankle!

I write to you today/tonight from a happier place (disregarding the ankle pain). I like my classes better, and work hasn’t been terrible these past couple of days. Do I think it’s weird? Sure I do. It’s like everything is going wrong, including the economy, and then everything becomes good again! (Except for the economy). I mean, am I the only one these things happen to? Please make me feel like this is more normal than I think it is.

One of my classes is a screenwriting class. I love it so far. I know it sounds fun and easy, but it’s more technical than it sounds like; but yes, it is fun… not sure about the easy part though. One of the things that I love about it is that we get to watch certain movies I probably wouldn’t have otherwise- like Kramer vs. Kramer (an excellent film by the way). So while I ice my ankle tonight we will be watching tonight’s movie: Tootsie.


Why Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 is My Favorite One of All

Note: Since this movie came out so recently, I will not have spoilers here. This might be at times a difficult task, specially since most people who have not seen the movie, but are planning to, probably have read the book already.

It was 11:35pm. We had come to the theater after dinner with some of my wife’s colleagues. We had been waiting to see the Harry Potter movie since we were teased with Part 1 last year. The theater was crowded. There were even people fighting for a front row seat. I wondered how the premiere night must have been. I almost felt wise for waiting another night to see it.

Via Seat42f.com

I don’t know about you, but I grew up reading Harry Potter. I couldn’t buy the first four books, but one of my friends, Charlie, let me borrow his. I usually read them overnight, holding a flashlight, under the blankets.

I was in love with the magical world. Perhaps it is impossible for a kid not to want to be able to do magic. Just think of all the things I could have done! I could have make dinner appear one night so grandma would have had a break from cooking. I could have given my brother that one soccer ball he really wanted. I could have made the perfect man appear for my mom (who probably would have been the exact opposite of my dad). And I could have made my grandpa go away, so he would stop beating grandma for no reason; no questions asked. I could have made more books appear for myself. Perhaps this way I could have owned the Harry Potter books myself, instead of waiting for Charlie to bring me the next one.

I was never a fan of the movies though. Not because they weren’t great, but because they never did the books justice. I always felt betrayed when my favorite part in a book wasn’t shown in the movie. But Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 was different. This wasn’t another of the movies. This was THE movie. The last one. The ending one.

As I warned earlier, I will not talk about the plot. But if I’m allowed to share why I loved this one so much, let me tell you that it had a lot to do with me wanting them to succeed. I cried when they suffer; I smiled when they did something right. I knew this time I couldn’t wonder if the next movie was going to be better. This was as good as it was ever going to get. Though I hate that this is the end, it is difficult not to love it the most. This is the last memory of it that I will ever have. At least until the remakes come in twenty years or so.



To Be or Not to Be

We are just finishing up watching “The Joneses.” I wanted to see if when it came out on theaters, but never got a chance to. It just seemed like an interesting concept, you know? Get paid to pretend to be the perfect family? Have all the nice stuff everyone wants? But what isĀ it that we all want?

If you ask my mom, she’d say she wants money. If you ask my dad, he’ll ask for a new truck. If you ask my brother… perhaps a new pair of shoes. If you ask me, to grow old with my wife.

I know it sounds cheesy and all but that isn’t my intention. I just really don’t get why we all kill ourselves over things that aren’t really all that important in the end. Sure, I absolutely love my new Mac, but I could never exchange spending another day with my wife over anything else.

I always wished my family were more family oriented. That they would cherish one another over anything else. But all I can do at this point is to avoid their mistakes. And love the little things.

Mrs. This One

Love Has to be More Than This

A few Red Bulls later and I’m still ready to go to bed. I suppose I haven’t recovered all the hours lost to studying for finals.

Love has to be more than this...

We are currently watching 500 Days of Summer. I love this movie. The first time I watched it, by myself, in a movie theater, I was going through some hard times getting over a girl. And I’d like to think that this movie was the reason why I got through it.

I used to hang on to the good things that happened between this girl and I, disregarding all the bad things. Never gave those a second thought. I thought it was love. No, I convinced myself that it was love. But this movie made me think about my mistakes. How I made my own little fantasy and there was nothing real about it.

Once I met real, my wife, I understood even more what my problem was. The sad part is that I see the person I used to be in others. People just settle because they don’t think there’s anything better than what they have (or what they think they have).

I know it’s hard letting go of something because we’re socialized to think that something is better than nothing. We are socialized to think that love is sensationalist.

-Mrs. This One

Like it Once, See it Twice

I have never admired Natalie Portman as much as I did when I saw her in Black Swan. Although many people have said this movie is a little too crazy for them, you have to love perfection in order to understand perfection. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I just saw it for a second time- maybe this trailer will change your mind:

This is What I Want to Remember

Portraits in a Sea of Lies by Carlos Gaviria

One bad day completely erased by a better day (see yesterday’s post). One of the things that I love about college is the freedom to do things you wouldn’t do otherwise. It is true that this so-called freedom comes with a lot of limitations (i.e. if you don’t take a final, you’ll flunk the class…), but we can all agree that even in the “Land of the Free” no one is really free.

Although I was at work for most of the day, I took advantage of using one of the tennis courts (one of the perks of being a student) to play with my new tennis buddy, Joe. After that, my wife, a friend and I went to see a (FREE) movie, “Portraits in a Sea of Lies,” at the James Bridge Theater in Melnitz Hall. Not surprisingly, the theater, barely crowded, had less than 7 young faces (us included). Most students go to class and spend the rest of their time studying/partying- I am always looking for ways to use the resources college offers. And what makes it better is that they’re usually free. I don’t want to be old and remember all the nights I spent hugging the toilet- I want to look back and think of days like today, when I did things, amazing things, that I will be able remember the next day.

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