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If Dreams are Choices, and Choices are Hard…

It is Friday night, and while some may think TGIF, I’m thinking SWIFA (Say What? It’s Friday Already?). This can be both good and bad, but I will certainly let you be the judge of that. Anything I did prior to today is a blur. I am swamped with homework and studying coming at me from every which way. The Mrs. has already pointed out that I’m certainly less available. And all I thought after she said that was: wait until I’m in law school.

I’ve certainly seen my time shrink and the saddest point is that this was somewhat a choice. I emailed my BFF earlier (did I just used the term “BFF?”), and at the very end of the message pointed out that I was sure she was having more fun than me. I mean, she’s in college too, in a sports team (no, she’s not a lesbian), and working part-time. But that still does not add up to my 15 units (11 of which are honor courses), plus my legal internship, and this law school process (prepping and taking the LSAT, writing about three different personal statements, filling out 10+ different applications, asking for letters of recommendation, etc.). The crazy thing is that she chose her path and I chose mine. No one put a gun to my head and told me to go to law school (unless you count my mother. Just kidding. Kinda). I could have chosen to be a gym teacher and things would have been a lot different (no disrespect to gym teachers’ curriculum).

There are a few things I’ve learned out of all of this though:

  1. Lawyers are not just terrible* people. They are terrible people who worked extremely hard to be where they are.
  2. Dreams take some passion because without a good amount of passion, I would have given up my dreams already.
  3. Don’t marry someone who is not ready to go through everything you- and I mean everything.
  4. Blogging while you’re too busy is not necessarily impossible. Blogging without mentioning the LSAT at least once, when you’re about to take it, is definitely impossible.

-Mrs. This One

*Based on the silly stereotype that all lawyers are money-hungry, and heartless beings. A view I do not share; at least not always. 

Has Technology Changed Our Culture?

Today in one of my seminars, this question came up. To my surprise (and my professor’s, I’m sure), there were people who sincerely (and stubbornly) believed that there’s no way technology could ever change a culture. One of them said that culture changes technology (Guy). Another said that it was a “dynamic relationship” (Girl). And the others didn’t even have arguments worth remembering.

The class turned into a mini-debate on the subject. Guy made the argument that we are the same people, we just use different tools. Girl somewhat supported his argument, but added a little example. “Think about back in the day when people ate berries. One of them finally figured out that they could use a stone as a weapon and kill that animal. And now they ate animals!” This was her way of showing that culture and technology interacted with each other, but had no effect on each other. About three classmates and myself sided with the idea that technology can DEFINITELY change a culture. So after Girl’s argument, I said: “you just proved our point.”

I then offered my counterargument. After listening to their flawed arguments, it was clear to me that they were throwing around the term “technology” without having a concise idea of what it meant. I explained to them that technology isn’t just something digital- but that the term included other things. A bottle, for example, is a technology- because it helps us carry and conserve water. Then, I tackled why Girl’s argument was actually evidence supporting my own argument. The people (from back in the day) were now meat eaters. This involved so many different changes including how they gathered, cooked, and ate their meals. AND how eating meat would affect their bodies. This technology, in this case the stone used as a weapon, definitely changed a culture (think of hunter-gatherers becoming farmers!).

The most interesting thing of all is that Guy and Girl still would not agree with what I explained above. They were short of saying that it made no sense. But I think their ulterior motive was that admitting you were wrong about something is not easy for some to do. I do admit though, that we are all ENTITLED to have a different opinion. So if they really want to stand and say that technology does not inflict change, then be ready to look extremely uneducated. I mean, you’re UCLA students, be proud to show off your education.

Now I turn this back to you. What do you think? Can technology change a culture?


Yes, I Want to be Read

It should be no secret that I blog because I want to be read. There are bloggers who write because they find it therapeutic. This type of bloggers would be absolutely fine if they never get a visitor to their blog. One could argue that if they’re writing online is because they want attention. But the counterargument would be that we no longer write on paper unless we have to- hence why blogging, even if just for personal purposes, would be justified. But I simply don’t belong to this breed of bloggers.

Writing something valuable that could help others has always been a dream of mine. But blogging, specially when you don’t get paid for it, tends to drift towards a journal type of writing. One in which blabbering about how you cooked eggs this morning becomes the norm. But who am I to decide what readers want to read? Not too long ago we would have laughed at the idea of people watching other people do nothing, yet Reality TV has flourished so much we can now find a show at any given time on any given day.

But I’m no Reality Blogging star. I gave up my pursuit for fame when I decided to write anonymously. This blog was supposed to be a display of the struggles of married students. But the dream has yet to materialize (at least in its entirety).

The Mrs. and I have come to know that life doesn’t quite give you a break. There is always that reading to do, or work, or the internship, or just life in general. I’m not quite saying that blogging isn’t the priority, but it hasn’t been for me given the fact that I’m unsure of what type of effect we’re actually making. But that won’t keep us from trying. I have seen other couples split due to the stress of school/work, so we must be doing something right. At least for now.

Authors Updates:

Mrs. This One:

  • Fall Quarter started off to a rocky start when I fell ill and was unable to function properly enough to go to class or my internship.
  • Had to reschedule the LSAT for December 3rd (see first bullet point).
  • In the process of applying to law schools.

Mrs. That One:

  • Did super well in the GRE.
  • Not too thrilled about the stress of it, but in the process of applying to graduate programs in history.
  • Would still love to have a puppy- right this second.
  • Went to Russia and wants to share the following pictures with you:

Moscow - St. Basil's Cathedral

Moscow - Parts of the Kremlin

Stay tuned for more!

-Mrs. This One

P.S. The Interview – Pt. 3 is coming soon!

Happy Father’s Day- To Yours, Not Mine

Freshly pressed reminded that tomorrow is Father’s Day. Of course I didn’t need any more reminding of it… the occasion is everywhere.

I’ve met good fathers throughout my life- but certainly not mine, or his, or my mother’s. Or my cousins, or my step-siblings. This is really starting to sound like a family thing. Perhaps I should be thankful that I wasn’t born a boy into my family.

My dad took us (my brother and I) to the beach. We played soccer in the park every other week. He brought me corn in the cob from that place I really liked. These memories seem nice but that’s all I have, and they didn’t last past the day I turned 6 or 7.

I didn’t grow up seeing my parents together. He cheated and my mom was brave and smart enough to leave him when we were really little. He was somewhat around until he found more women and had more children. He didn’t help my mom with our caring- financially or emotionally.

Then he heard I was gay. He said he was disappointed.

I really wish I had an actual father to celebrate tomorrow. But if I don’t call him tomorrow, he’ll have more children that might do so still. His odds aren’t bad. Can’t say the same for mine.

-Mrs. This One

Life is a Roller Coaster

It seems today is the first time I’ve regained some sense of freedom and peace of mind. It is though, a lie, if you consider all the errands I have yet to work myself through, because I refuse to give up just yet what some would call a vacation.

Last week we became college seniors. It’s weird still to even spell that out. I can vividly remember the day I decided to go to college, and now I’m barely a year away from graduation- if things continue to go this way.

Things have changed, evolved, developed, shifted, collapsed and rebuilt themselves all over again. The Mrs has gotten two A’s for this quarter already (she’s waiting to hear back from another grade). I don’t know any of my grades, and I shamefully confess that I have any clue as to what those grades might look like.

I became a greek. I rushed, went through the process, the rituals, the bonding, and became a sister. It was difficult at times to share my heart between my love and my big sister, but this is something I needed to do for myself. I always wanted to be greek. I had my chance and I took it. I will be the Public Relations Officer for my sorority during my senior year. This also makes me Rush Chair. I am thrilled. I could be having a little sister sometime next year.

I will be also doing an internship at the Supreme Court in Downtown L.A. Pretty neat, huh? The Mrs. will be working to finish her Honors Thesis. I have an LSAT test to take in October. She has the GRE.

Life has been pretty much a roller coaster, but we’re still holding on. Even as the ones we love are falling apart.

More stories to come.

-Mrs. This One

To Be or Not to Be

We are just finishing up watching “The Joneses.” I wanted to see if when it came out on theaters, but never got a chance to. It just seemed like an interesting concept, you know? Get paid to pretend to be the perfect family? Have all the nice stuff everyone wants? But what is it that we all want?

If you ask my mom, she’d say she wants money. If you ask my dad, he’ll ask for a new truck. If you ask my brother… perhaps a new pair of shoes. If you ask me, to grow old with my wife.

I know it sounds cheesy and all but that isn’t my intention. I just really don’t get why we all kill ourselves over things that aren’t really all that important in the end. Sure, I absolutely love my new Mac, but I could never exchange spending another day with my wife over anything else.

I always wished my family were more family oriented. That they would cherish one another over anything else. But all I can do at this point is to avoid their mistakes. And love the little things.

Mrs. This One

We Need Some Spice Around Here

That the most interesting thing over our spring break was dining at Top Chef’s Richard Blais’ restaurant, Flip Burger Boutique, says a little bit about being an undergrad student with no energy to do anything. No offense Richard, the burgers, sweet potato fries, and shakes were to die for, but one dinner doesn’t make a vacation. So what did we do during this vacation? The only two things we could possibly do: sleep and rest.

My parents met my wife and all parties seemed to get along. It was way better than expected- we didn’t get kicked out of the house for holding hands or something like it. If anything, my mother asked me to be good to my wife (I have a feeling I already mentioned that).

We hung out and had food. My wife enjoyed my mom’s cooking a lot. We also had some BBQ ribs from Full Moon- but my wife said she’d had better. Oh, and Salvadoran food, which was very delightful. I feel like I’m forgetting something. It was a very short week. Five days that truly felt like two. No joke.

So we’re now back in Los Angeles. And we have done a lot of nothing. Spring quarter starts tomorrow and I’m already two weeks worth of homework behind- what’s that about? I need an idea. Something to do, see, or experience. I need this and I need it quick… So what’s out there?

-Mrs. This One

Blogging From the South

So we’ve arrived! I think we slept less than 2 hours last night as we were headed to Atlanta, Georgia in an AirTran red eye. There were three seats per row which meant we had to share our row with someone else. Luckily for us, the lady sitting by the window was quiet and minding her own business.

I’m not sure what we were hoping for that flight but nothing good (other than being safe on the ground) came out of it. We arrived at the LAX airport minutes before 8pm for a very early check in (our flight didn’t depart until 11:59pm). We had to drop off my friend who was flying to Colorado to see her family so we figured it was better to just stay at the airport. Thanks to the lack of readily-available friends to drive us to the airport, we decided to park at LAX…

To our surprise the AirTran service counter was closed. They wouldn’t open for another half hour and we decided to simply wait in line. Something curious happened the made that waiting time go faster though… Ever heard of Kate Beckinsale? Yes, she was the actress in Underworld but if you don’t know her, you’re probably not the only one.

Right next to us there were two guys wearing black sunglasses and looking awfully suspicious. After a while I realized that they were paparazzis- the big hint being the gigantic cameras they were each holding. “Who is it?” everyone kept asking. When they got ready for the action, I finally saw these two ladies coming. Then Kate walked by my side, I looked at her smile and I recognized her (I’m a big Underworld fan… and a fan of her accent as well). The people next to us were still trying to figure out who it was. My wife didn’t recognized her either- although she was wearing pretty big sunglasses.

After the drama, the counter opened, and because people had started a second line, we didn’t get to check in when we should have- people that got there even after the counter opened were seen before us. We didn’t check in until about 9:30pm.

Justice was made when we were in the long line prior to the security check when a lady had us go a different way and we cut about 40 people in front us. I won’t lie, it was pretty sweet after waiting to check in for so long.

The waiting area for our gate was so packed that there wasn’t one seat available. So we decided to go to this seafood restaurant for dinner. This was probably one of the good parts of our flying experience. I had a filet mignon and the Mrs. had a swordfish sandwich. Pretty delicious stuff.

Then we went back out to wait, sitting on the floor, reading the Wall Street Journal (since the LA Times was all gone at the stand). Our flight was delayed 30 minutes (of course). Once in the plane, I sat down and the person behind me kicked my seat twice. I already knew that I was in for a treat.

We slept as much as we could, but woke up several times also. Once we arrived, I discovered that someone in the row before us spilled orange juice on my backpack… getting to at least one of my textbooks…

Then the long drive to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We originally flew to Atlanta because we thought we were going to be able to go about the city. Little did we know. We could barely keep our eyes open.

My parents seem to really like my wife and she seems to like them. So I’m pretty content for now. My mom keeps saying that I need to be good to my wife and I keep telling her that she’s supposed to tell my wife to be good to me.

Tired still so I think I’m gonna stop here.

-Mrs. This One

Blogging for the Readers of the Year 2060

I have been reading “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin since I’ve had enough time to read something that isn’t a textbook. This book is a biographical account of Abraham Lincoln and his race to power, along with the lives of his competitors William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, and Edward Bates; all of who would go on to be his most important allies.

I have never been lucky enough to read a full biography of a personality as important in history as Abe Lincoln, let along one that involves the engaging writing of Goodwin. As I’ve been reading the accounts of the lives of Lincoln, Seward, Chase, and Bates, I’ve been reminded of that strange notion of communicating through letters.

I grew up through the growth of computers and Internet. I still remember the day my brother and I went to the first Internet cafe in town after school and stayed there for hours. We didn’t even let our parents know where we were and we had to hear it once we got home. It blew my mind, to communicate with someone across the world in a matter of minutes.

I never wrote a letter, or at least I don’t ever remember doing so. I wrote emails, but I took those for granted (and still do). I knew they would get to the other person in minutes, so  I never put that much thought into my emails. When I read bits of pieces of the letters that people like Lincoln wrote back in the day, I feel ashamed for letting go of letters. We no longer put time into saying how or what we feel.

Even over blogs… we write and people in 50 years won’t know exactly how we see things, how we feel- so why don’t we change that?

People from 2060:

I am currently watching a show called “Damages,” starring Glenn Close. We are watching this show through Netflix, an Internet company that allows for instant streaming through my PlayStation 3- can you believe that? We can have TV shows 24/7 if we really wanted to (well, some do watch TV 24/7 for some reason)! My wife and best friend are watching with me. I hope by then our marriage would have more legal rights and social acceptance. We are in our studio in Westwood, California- across the street from the University of California, Los Angeles where we are pursuing our Bachelors’ degrees. I’m not sure if you’d still go to a physical classroom in your time, but I love it. The weather is sunny but not too warm. Perfect beach day if you didn’t just have a whole week of studying to prepare for finals. We had leftover pizza for lunch, which is somewhat an improvement from the usual ramen noodle cup (instant noodles) that most college students eat nowadays.

I am thrilled to be watching this show because I want to be a lawyer and Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) is a lawyer in this show. Hard to tell if she’s the good or bad guy so far… but judging from her character in “101 Dalmatians” (if you haven’t seen it, YOU MUST!), she’s someone you shouldn’t trust. I am making my wife and my best friend watch it with me- they say they like it, but people usually lie (see my previous post) to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. So it’s hard to tell whether they like it or not. I still love them regardless. And I would be crazy not to since they have yet to complain about the fact that I’ve been typing on laptop for about two episodes now (roughly 2 hours). Maybe it is an advantage that we don’t use ink anymore because I may have run out of it by now.

There you have it people from 2060…

-Mrs. This One

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

It seems that people believe that lying is easier than the truth. I talked about this with a coworker for hours. You’d be surprised the kind of stories I hear from people everyday so they don’t have to pay a small fee. In fact, the most common lie is that they’ve already paid and provide some receipt they’ve picked up from the ground. It’s sad to know that they’re lying. It’s even sadder when they find out that I knew they were lying.

Although maybe to a lesser degree, we went to a movie theater tonight hoping to catch a movie, but ended up watching a documentary. This is perhaps the second time this happened this year. The show is advertised as a movie, never mentioning the fact that it truly is a documentary. Then you go all excited to watch a movie and it’s not a movie. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, it’s just better to know what you’re getting yourself into.

People lie to sell, to get a job, a boyfriend (or a girl), to get out of paying for a service they used, to not hurt someone’s feelings, to get away from commitments, to ditch work… Maybe we should start to think about what the world we’re creating today will look like in 50 years.

-Mrs. This One

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