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Research, Law, and the Whole Casey Anthony Thing

I’ve always wanted to do research, but I’ve never found myself able to. I want to learn new things, understand why some things happen, and make some sense out of ’em. You’d think that sounds easy enough, right? That’s why I jumped to the opportunity to join a professor on her research.¬†Though I understand that this is her research and I’m just an assistant, I’m just still waiting to see more than the small tasks I’ve been working on so far.

I want a little bit more action, but I don’t think I’ll see it until the day I do my own research. So why haven’t I? The first factor has been lack of time. The second factor, lack of chance, or opportunity. And the third, and probably the most important one, has a lot to do with the fact that I’m still not doing my thing. I love political science and all, but law and justice are my thing.

Take the Casey Anthony trial as an example. I know that this has caused a lot of anger/controversy/shock/happiness to different people (who are not even directly affected by it), but there is more to a case than a verdict that people agree or don’t agree with. In fact, cases like this one are the reason why lawyers have such a bad reputation. But this is why I think law is such an unexplored and overstated field.

The problem is not how a guilty person can walk away unpunished, but why these types of things happen. Let’s review: There are two sides to every case (most of the time). We can agree that each side’s advocate(s) will try to win. But the logic is that if someone is guilty of something, there has to be a way to prove it. This is where we can all agree that evidence is key. After all, it was lack of evidence that made it impossible to tie Anthony to any charge of murder. But can we go beyond hard facts to prove something? Can we look into behavior? These are the types of questions that one day I would love to work on- even if there are people who have been working on them already.

And about the verdict, you may criticize Jose Baez all you want, but if you really think she was guilty, I say criticize the prosecutors for failing.

All that Stuff Went Down

I have finally started my research project which is due next Friday. Sure, I’m late on this. I won’t argue that. But given the fact that I had to repeat the one project I lost, then it’s maybe not so bad. But maybe it was not that smart since that one project is not that big of a deal for my grade, but the research project is 30% of my grade. Nope, not that smart.

We will be analyzing this past midterm elections and the claim that the democrats took the worst beating in history. Well not quite but something in the like. I have already analyzed the data against the presidential elections of 2008, and also of the four elections before that. It’s quite interesting to see the spike in democratic vote in 2008 in some states.

I ran into a road block sooner than I would have liked but I imagine that because it’s midnight, my mind is simply not functioning the same. So I think it’s time to call it a night. I will be doing a lot of research and reading Weber for the next two weeks so I might end blogging a lot about that. I also want to start working out again since I stop after all that stuff went down with that one professor. It sure has been an interesting quarter- but I’m ready for it to be over.

-Mrs. This One


I’m beginning to question why on earth I ever thought blogging once a day would be a trip to the park. As of right now I’m putting off finishing a major project just so I can fulfill this silly goal of mine. At the very least, this is one of the few times I’ve ever felt like I’m not leaving something in the middle. This is only February though.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is research. It’s nonsensical really because I don’t want to be a professor- that’s the Mrs.’ business. But there’s this curious part of me who always wants to learn and know more. And I mean, why not do research? College is certainly the best time to approach this thing.

So here I am begging a professor to let me into his research seminar even though I don’t have the prerequisites to enroll. The seminar will be offered next spring and it’s, of course, about China. The professor just emailed back tonight and said he might be willing to waive the requirements- but I do need to send him my resume. Gee, I didn’t know I was applying for a job.

Really all the guy must want to know it’s my research background. Well, I don’t have any! I thought that was the purpose of this seminar… So do I need research to do research? Give me a break…

Any tips on what this resume should look like? I’m gonna assume my work history is irrelevant. Might be the same for my Call of Duty skills.

-Mrs. This One

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