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Meant to be: US Advances to the Semifinals

There’s a lot of things that my wife and I don’t have in common- my love for sports being one of them. But when I announced to her last night that we were gonna sacrifice one of the few chances we get to sleep in to watch the US vs. Brazil game, she was encouraging. In fact, she was the one who made sure that we woke up after I tried to snooze the alarm when it went off this morning.

To my surprise, I miscalculated, and the game had already been on for about 30 minutes. We were winning 1-0, so it wasn’t that terrible. I watched the end of the first half with a lot of excitement, and when the game went to break, I made breakfast and coffee- since the Mrs. is working from home again this morning.

Then the penalty kick happened.

I’ve played/watched soccer my whole life- and that was a terrible call. Even then, the red card was beyond stupid. And on top of that, the repeat of the penalty kick after Solo saved it?!?!? My stomach was in pain and I was shaking. So much at stake, and here Brazil was given a free pass.

The game progressed and neither side could get it in. The extra time snuck on us and we had been playing most of the game with 10 players. We had been holding on just fine until an offside wasn’t called and Marta scored to put Brazil ahead. I couldn’t believe this game, and I’ve never hated FIFA officials this much.

But we never lost hope. I knew that if we could tie and go to penalty kicks, we could win. My wife stopped working because this game was so intense. I kept pacing around, hoping for another chance. And this is when Rapinoe advanced with the ball on the left side. It looked like the perfect opportunity. There was one minute left in the game. My heart was all I could hear. And then the ball left Brazil’s goalkeeper behind and fell on Wambach’s head so graciously. I blinked, then open my eyes to see it resting in Brazil’s net. I felt the tears coming down my cheeks and I yelled until I lost my voice. It wasn’t over yet though.

As expected at that time, they went to penalty kicks. Brazil kept shooting to the left, and I think it had something to do with Solo’s shoulder (She’s been playing injured for a few games now). So she went to the left on the third shot, and saved it. I began my jumping and screaming ritual once again. They scored the remaining two, and so did we. We are now in the semifinals.


Soccer and Books

The Women’s World Cup is on and Germany and Japan are playing a scoreless game so far. Because Germany is the host nation, they have a lot of pressure to make it as far as possible in the cup. Japan on the other hand, is working with a shorter team, but their defense has been pretty impressive so far.

I made cheese blintzes for breakfast, and coffee, of course. The Mrs. is working from home and I am working on my research project. I barely started an hour ago, but it feels like an eternity already. Not because I’m bored, but because it’s such a pretty day outside and I won’t get to enjoy it. So I figured I could come and blog and spread my word to the world, and maybe that would feel a little bit like I’m out and about somewhere.

I stumbled upon a Wikipedia page of The 100 Best Books of All Time. I have barely read 3 on the list and I’ve been on the middle of another one for the longest time. Though I find myself with little or no time for pleasure reading, I think this might be a good list to start with. If you have a moment to check it out, do you think is a good list? How many have you read? Which one you recommend I read first?


Why is 2 better than 1?

Who would have thought that something as innocent as soccer could make an out-of-shape individual feel like they just have gotten hit by car. Whether it is because of my long-term relationship with soccer (I’ve been kicking the ball since I was 5), the fact that I need to get back in shape, or that the World Cup is on right now, I’ve decided to take a soccer class for the summer. The first session happened last night.

The class started with some stretching, then some drills and finally a scrimmage. The drills were a little intense but nothing I’ve never done before- only that it’s been a year since the last time that happened. The scrimmage was alright; I was able to score four times (my team won 7-1) but I also hurt my right ankle and was out of breath for most of the second half of the game. Once the game was over I felt satisfied with myself for pulling through and content that the nightmare of physical endurance was over. Until I woke up this morning.

I wasn’t as aware of my muscles as I am right now because I can now feel all of them with every movement. It’s ridiculous- I didn’t know one could feel this much pain without having a real reason to feel pain (like actually getting hit by a car). I guess this is what they mean when they say “no pain, no gain.”

Last year when I was playing soccer in a league, I’d get home really sore and tired after every game (not as much as now, of course); and it was sometimes a problem for me, because I’d be really hungry but in most occasions I couldn’t stand to be on my feet long enough to cook. So instead I had to wait the tiredness out. Today as I come home from work lamenting the soreness that has conquered my muscles, I rejoice in seeing how my girlfriend cooks for me and tends to all the chores without asking for my help.

It means the world to me that I’m being tend to when I find myself in this poor physical state. It’s so comforting to know that I can lean on her when I can no longer do that on myself. The same way that she could lean on me if she were in the position I am now. And this is why I think that two is always better than one.

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