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Can you believe there was a study released accusing the University of California schools from providing an “unbalanced education” (i.e. We’re too liberal) to the detriment of the students? The article came out a few days ago in the LA Times, and although I’d love to link to it, now you gotta pay to read the LA Times.

Maybe it’s the fact I’m graduating, but this study is very offensive to me (and to other students, I’m sure). As a political science major, I get to have the fun discussions about politics. Although most of my professors don’t say it, it is usually easy to tell that they lean to the left. However, this sentiment is never forced upon us. In fact, my professors have usually encouraged conservative students to speak up to counterbalance the view in the classroom.

However, even if this weren’t the case, this study missed an important thing. Part of UCLA’s greatness (in my opinion) is its left-leaning composition. The same way Chapman University students probably love its right-leaning composition. Isn’t that just part of college culture? There’s a reason why Berkeley or Harvard or MIT attract a certain type of students. Sure, balance is always needed, but you can only balance so much!

To be clear, I’ve been a strong critic of UCLA- but my criticism is mostly directed at the bureaucracy. UCLA really is a great institution with a lot of perks. For example, when in my Politics of Economic Development my professors asked how many students had spent more than a week in a developing country, I was so happy to see that at least 85% students raised there hands. You know how hard that is to find somewhere else?

In any case, there’s a certain feeling of relief knowing that this is my last quarter. Thankfully law school is on the semester system. I did very well last quarter, and I plan to rally through this quarter to graduate with latin honors. Because of this, I will be busy almost every minute of every day. Though in the mean time, I’m watching the Kansas-Kentucky game.

In case you’re wondering, my money is on Kansas.

-Mrs. This One

Senior Thoughts

Go Bruins!

Tonight we went to the UCLA vs. Washington State basketball game. Although it may come as a surprise to several Sports Illustrated staff, we actually won this game with enough room to let the benchwarmers take a few shots. As a student season holder, I got to sing, cheer, yell, clap, and smile to what may have been my last UCLA basketball game as an undergraduate student. I even dare to say that there was something particularly special about the bacon-wrapped hot dog I had during half time.

If you’ve read enough of us you’d know that I’ve never claimed to have had an awesome undergraduate career. Tonight I saw this part of my life with new eyes. It may not have been great but it was mine. I’ve been made a Bruin, and I will die a Bruin. Maybe I didn’t get to change to the world yet, but perhaps this was my starting point. Tonight I felt young, even though I know I’m aging quickly. The Los Angeles Sports Arena may not be our actual home, but for some reason it sure felt like it.

Moving to a new city, going to a new school, I don’t think I’ve understood this well until now. It is the beginning of something exciting, of something I’ve been wanting for so long. But if I’m beginning something, that means I’m also ending something else, leaving it behind.

It went by so damn quickly.

Life goes on whether you want it or not. It doesn’t let you catch a breath or take a minute to rest. If I stop everything around me will go on and I will have to catch up to it. Maybe I’ve finally caught up with the situation at hand.

I’m a Bruin for life.

-Mrs. This One

Winter Break is Almost Gone

We’re three days away from starting the winter quarter. If I could, I’d take two more weeks to rest. But no, that ain’t gonna happen. That’s alright, I guess.

Photo Courtesy of Free-Extras.com

During the last quarter I went through a severe period of depression. The worst I’ve had if you ask me. I was doing way too much while being terribly sick. All I wanted was to rest and to not worry about anything else. But that wasn’t an option. I must say that after I got what I wanted (a break), my spirits were lifted incredibly high. I’m back to being the same dreamer I had been not long ago. So much so that I believe I’m going to get accepted into some really great schools.

In the mean time, I’ll be spending the whole weekend cleaning and trying to make this place more livable. We are also going with some friends to the UCLA vs ASU game tomorrow night, and I will definitely be watching the Steelers-Broncos game on Sunday. Not a bad weekend, huh?

-Mrs. This One

Meant to be: US Advances to the Semifinals

There’s a lot of things that my wife and I don’t have in common- my love for sports being one of them. But when I announced to her last night that we were gonna sacrifice one of the few chances we get to sleep in to watch the US vs. Brazil game, she was encouraging. In fact, she was the one who made sure that we woke up after I tried to snooze the alarm when it went off this morning.

To my surprise, I miscalculated, and the game had already been on for about 30 minutes. We were winning 1-0, so it wasn’t that terrible. I watched the end of the first half with a lot of excitement, and when the game went to break, I made breakfast and coffee- since the Mrs. is working from home again this morning.

Then the penalty kick happened.

I’ve played/watched soccer my whole life- and that was a terrible call. Even then, the red card was beyond stupid. And on top of that, the repeat of the penalty kick after Solo saved it?!?!? My stomach was in pain and I was shaking. So much at stake, and here Brazil was given a free pass.

The game progressed and neither side could get it in. The extra time snuck on us and we had been playing most of the game with 10 players. We had been holding on just fine until an offside wasn’t called and Marta scored to put Brazil ahead. I couldn’t believe this game, and I’ve never hated FIFA officials this much.

But we never lost hope. I knew that if we could tie and go to penalty kicks, we could win. My wife stopped working because this game was so intense. I kept pacing around, hoping for another chance. And this is when Rapinoe advanced with the ball on the left side. It looked like the perfect opportunity. There was one minute left in the game. My heart was all I could hear. And then the ball left Brazil’s goalkeeper behind and fell on Wambach’s head so graciously. I blinked, then open my eyes to see it resting in Brazil’s net. I felt the tears coming down my cheeks and I yelled until I lost my voice. It wasn’t over yet though.

As expected at that time, they went to penalty kicks. Brazil kept shooting to the left, and I think it had something to do with Solo’s shoulder (She’s been playing injured for a few games now). So she went to the left on the third shot, and saved it. I began my jumping and screaming ritual once again. They scored the remaining two, and so did we. We are now in the semifinals.


Soccer and Books

The Women’s World Cup is on and Germany and Japan are playing a scoreless game so far. Because Germany is the host nation, they have a lot of pressure to make it as far as possible in the cup. Japan on the other hand, is working with a shorter team, but their defense has been pretty impressive so far.

I made cheese blintzes for breakfast, and coffee, of course. The Mrs. is working from home and I am working on my research project. I barely started an hour ago, but it feels like an eternity already. Not because I’m bored, but because it’s such a pretty day outside and I won’t get to enjoy it. So I figured I could come and blog and spread my word to the world, and maybe that would feel a little bit like I’m out and about somewhere.

I stumbled upon a Wikipedia page of The 100 Best Books of All Time. I have barely read 3 on the list and I’ve been on the middle of another one for the longest time. Though I find myself with little or no time for pleasure reading, I think this might be a good list to start with. If you have a moment to check it out, do you think is a good list? How many have you read? Which one you recommend I read first?


Life is too Fragile

Today I had a person mock me because of my job. I kept my cool, I know better than letting them get the best of me. They screamed “hard worker” several times. I can still see their faces. I know this is nothing compared to other things, but it is still something.

We, human beings, are the most ridiculous beings I know. We hurt each other left and right, and we don’t care. Yet life is so fragile, and being alive is something we take for granted everyday. Breathing, a heart beat, another step- these things are so precious, that we should be so kind to each other and make the best out of it. Unfortunately, some choose not to.

This is not the first time I get laughed at simply because someone doesn’t agree with my employer’s policies. I got news for you, I don’t make the policies, you are damn right when you call me a lowly employee. This doesn’t offend me, it just makes me sad that you would choose to insult someone so freely.

And here I read “All Quiet on the Western Front.” Though it is fiction, war is just another reflections of how pathetic some of us are. How we can kill each other and be okay with that?

I sometimes wish I didn’t have to leave my apartment and see other people. That my wife and I could just stay at home and enjoy each other’s company, in complete isolation from the world. But then again I know that there are a lot of amazing people out there that are worth the trouble. A lot of them. And I think about them and I suffer for them. Because I do love people- even those who I don’t personally know.

I read today about the Rangers fan who died trying to catch a ball (see the video below). The commentators made fun of him for trying so hard to catch a ball. But that meant a lot to him, and I really hope that at least he died happy, because he knew he had the ball. My best wishes to his family- wherever they are.

Let’s Talk Super Bowl!

I don’t know about you but I have been waiting for this day since February 1, 2009.

Big Ben

Despite the sexual assaults accusations (that were later dropped), or that I don’t really like Miami (OH), I’m looking forward to what Ben Roethlisberger will have to offer today, during Super Bowl XLV.┬áSure there is more to football than a quarterback, but there’s also little football without one. Ward, Polamalu, Taylor, Farrior, Harrison, Moore, Wallace and others are just as needed in this team as Big Ben is.

But what is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a well-established tradition. A hint of this is that even those without a team watch. And even those with lack of love for football watch.

It is an excuse to celebrate another day- or personally, to take a break from studying for midterms.

It’s a drinking game. One shot for every completed pass, four for every interception.

It’s a longing. To make every second count hoping that miracles would come true, because you’ve never needed them as much as in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.

It’s a desire. To watch your team rise and shine despite of how good the other team may be.

It’s about glory. Because if your team wins, you get to brag about it for a whole year.

It’s a party. Because even those you haven’t seen in a while want to watch it with you, and you’ll probably find there are people in your house you’ve never seen before the game started.

It’s a winning moment. Because even if your team isn’t playing, half of the players in each team are in your fantasy team.

It always involves tears. Whether you win or lose.

And it always involves a fight. Because no one can stand to lose.

Bring the beers and the guacamole, sit back and enjoy. But mark my words (or mock me afterwards), this one is a Steelers one!

-Mrs. This One

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