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Winter Break is Almost Gone

We’re three days away from starting the winter quarter. If I could, I’d take two more weeks to rest. But no, that ain’t gonna happen. That’s alright, I guess.

Photo Courtesy of Free-Extras.com

During the last quarter I went through a severe period of depression. The worst I’ve had if you ask me. I was doing way too much while being terribly sick. All I wanted was to rest and to not worry about anything else. But that wasn’t an option. I must say that after I got what I wanted (a break), my spirits were lifted incredibly high. I’m back to being the same dreamer I had been not long ago. So much so that I believe I’m going to get accepted into some really great schools.

In the mean time, I’ll be spending the whole weekend cleaning and trying to make this place more livable. We are also going with some friends to the UCLA vs ASU game tomorrow night, and I will definitely be watching the Steelers-Broncos game on Sunday. Not a bad weekend, huh?

-Mrs. This One

Tree Trimming Party

I started the day with a compliment on my writing. That seriously made my day, so thank you allisongolan!

Today my fall grades are due. Three professors have not activated their gradebook, so it is very unlikely that they will actually follow the deadline this time. They really never do- but I never lose hope. God forbid we are late turning in a paper or that we take an exam on a different date. I wish students could hold professors with the same accountability. Yes, yes, I know they’ve done all these things and they deserve it and so on and on. This is why I don’t write a letter to the dean about it. Like he/she would do anything about it anyway.

Anyhow, my wife and her sister are on their way to the doctor. They’re getting checked out for the cancer gene. In case you missed it, my MIL is a breast cancer survivor, so chances are that my love and her sister may have to go through the same at some point. The appointment was only for my SIL. But at the last minute, my MIL suggested my wife go too. She looked at me for confirmation and I saw the pain in her eyes. It broke my heart. She was probably thinking that we’re supposed to be having a vacation, free from stress. But if this is what’s best for her, then we just have to go through it. I stayed at home because I’m supposed to be working on my law school applications. Once I get through with this post, I’ll get on that- I think. The Mrs. has already submitted her graduate school applications. I’m jealous, I wish I could say the same.

Tonight we are having a tree trimming party. Which I understand to be a gathering in which we all decorate the tree. Well, this is what the tree looks like now:

To be decorated...

My hope is that tonight, I can follow up with a stunningly decorated tree. Keyword: “my hope.”

The only issue I’ll have is that the Steelers are playing tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to find a way to balance the game and the party. Oh, and did I mention we are only allowed to wear pajamas to this party?

-Mrs. This One

Let’s Talk Super Bowl!

I don’t know about you but I have been waiting for this day since February 1, 2009.

Big Ben

Despite the sexual assaults accusations (that were later dropped), or that I don’t really like Miami (OH), I’m looking forward to what Ben Roethlisberger will have to offer today, during Super Bowl XLV.┬áSure there is more to football than a quarterback, but there’s also little football without one. Ward, Polamalu, Taylor, Farrior, Harrison, Moore, Wallace and others are just as needed in this team as Big Ben is.

But what is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a well-established tradition. A hint of this is that even those without a team watch. And even those with lack of love for football watch.

It is an excuse to celebrate another day- or personally, to take a break from studying for midterms.

It’s a drinking game. One shot for every completed pass, four for every interception.

It’s a longing. To make every second count hoping that miracles would come true, because you’ve never needed them as much as in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.

It’s a desire. To watch your team rise and shine despite of how good the other team may be.

It’s about glory. Because if your team wins, you get to brag about it for a whole year.

It’s a party. Because even those you haven’t seen in a while want to watch it with you, and you’ll probably find there are people in your house you’ve never seen before the game started.

It’s a winning moment. Because even if your team isn’t playing, half of the players in each team are in your fantasy team.

It always involves tears. Whether you win or lose.

And it always involves a fight. Because no one can stand to lose.

Bring the beers and the guacamole, sit back and enjoy. But mark my words (or mock me afterwards), this one is a Steelers one!

-Mrs. This One

NFL Playoffs: House Divided

It should not come as a surprise to most of you that today Green Bay will be facing Chicago, and soon after, Pittsburgh will play New York (Jets). I’ve been a Steelers fan since as long as I can remember. It makes little sense really, considering the fact that I’m not from Pittsburgh and I’ve never been to a Steelers game physically. But coming from a state with no NFL teams (AL), you end up choosing a team whether you have geographical ties to it or not.

Most of my friends were either Falcons or Saints fans. I didn’t like either team when I was little. But I saw a Steelers game on TV once and it was love at first sight right after that. I couldn’t help myself. The colors, the plays, the moves… everything about the Steelers seemed magical to me. And it probably helped that my brother was already a well-established Steelers fan (although I never asked him how he ended up that way).┬áThe point is that I have always been a hardcore Steelers fan. And although I haven’t been present at Heinz Field yet, I know one day I will.

It is obvious that today is a big day for me then. I am counting the minutes until I get to watch the game. It helps that we’re playing the team where Mark Sanchez is at because I want the Steelers to crush him. Seven times over. He is a former Trojan- in case you were wondering. And I am a proud Bruin.

But the following is my dilemma. My father-in-law is actually from Green Bay so he’s a Packer and has always been. There is a chance that the Steelers and the Packers end up playing in the Super Bowl against each other. My wife, being his daughter, told me today that she has to root for the Packers because it’s in her DNA. “But you don’t even care about football!” I said. She simply grinned and I could tell she was enjoying every bit of this. So I guess this household is divided for now. But I’m not worried because I know the Steelers got this one.

-Mrs. This One

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