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My Wife is Baking a Cake and I…

May have just finished the first half of summer school. I say “may have” because I am in the middle of a project, which I submitted yesterday, but had to edit it again today. If the professor likes this last edit, I may be actually allowed to say that I’m free from school for at least 5 days- pretty sad, I know.

I took my final yesterday and I haven’t got a clue of what grade I will get in the class. It breaks my heart that I don’t know. I used to be an A student. But then you get married, and you have a job, and you’re tired all the time, and then you’re just not an A student anymore. Is it worth it still? You betcha! Did I not mention my wife is baking a cake?

But what happens when that one coworker who’s always chatty and friendly sees us kissing the other day when I dropped off my wife at school? Apparently more than I thought it would. She saw us Tuesday. Today, I happened to work with her. Let’s call her Stacey.

I am very selective as to who I come out to at work. Not because I’m not “out and proud,” but because I live in L.A., and you never know who has some hatred in them ready to be triggered. It also has something to do with the fact that I work closely with different people. If there’s something not working well between me and a coworker, it disrupts the pace and makes me miserable.

When I was told I would work with her, I thought it would be okay. I still remember how big her eyes widened when she saw us. Since I was in the car, I could pretend I didn’t see her. Which I did. I still thought that maybe, it would all be okay- Except that… today, she wasn’t chatty. Or friendly. Or anything. She was short, didn’t look me in the eyes, and avoided contact with me, when she could. I really wanted to tell her that I’m not contagious, but I refrained.

It’s only been one day and she could have been having a long/awful day- after all, I don’t (always) think that the world spins around me. But I sure hope that what I think is happening isn’t happening. It would really put a lot more stress at work and that is not what I need right now.


P.S.: And in case you were wondering, it is a chocolate strawberry cake.

Test Coming Up

Ok boys and girls, ladies and gents, I have my final tomorrow. That means today I will pretty much be stuck to my computer and some textbooks all day long- sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I requested the day off from work to study. We woke up at 9:20am this morning (as opposed to the usual 5:30am), and I’m feeling like a princess. I really should find a new job that doesn’t require me to work so early. Waking this late feels amazing… Though I know once I work on my career job, that won’t happen. Perhaps I will have to wake up even earlier so I can commute to the city. But that’s still far away. Actually, even for law school, I will have to commute from Santa Monica (where we want to live) to downtown. So maybe not far away. Traffic, I have not missed you.

I must go before I keep procrastinating. Wish me luck!

To Work or Not to Work. . .

Lazy, irresponsible, unreliable, unproductive- these are just but a few of the things employers think of student workers. I mean, why not? We’re always gonna put studying for a midterm first over a day’s worth of work any day. Over final’s week of last quarter, for example, six people called in sick- yes, we were as understaffed as we could ever be.

Although I have tried to stay away from this stereotype and not call in sick on days where stress over being under prepared for class takes over, I have been missing work more often than I’d like to lately. The reality is that I’ve been sick for what it feels like a week now. We think it’s the flu, but it could be just a fever, or maybe I’m tired- or maybe my mind just wants some rest. Whatever it may be, I’m faced once again with the decision of calling in sick tomorrow.

*cough* I am definitely way too sick to come in today

Honestly, I don’t feel well. But I were to call in sick, I’d do it not because I want to rest, but because I want to go outside and do something that doesn’t include homework or customer service. So in a way this makes me feel guilty for wanting to call in sick in the first place. I mean, wouldn’t you feel guilty too? Not even a little bit?

Well- I have a long night to decide. I might just flip a coin and call it tails.

Eight Hours of Sleep

If you’re a college student then you’re most likely sleep-deprived the majority of the time. This is a fact of life. At least in our current generation.

Competition has become such a crazy game that in order to even dream of landing a job after graduation, you have to do more than just getting good grades. Now you have to participate in extra-curricular activities, do internships, and still maintain an astronomically-high GPA. And this still doesn’t guarantee you anything; it only improves your chances over the kid who’s not doing all these things. The problem is that this busy schedule can only mean one thing: the time allocated for sleep decreases per activity added.

Shoot, I slept through class again...

I read an article today about the sleeping habits of college students. The article, provided by the UCLA’s student health center’s monthly publication, provided students with steps to healthier sleeping habits. For the sake of a better-rested student, everyone agrees that eight hours of sleep should be the norm. So one of the steps to approach better sleeping habits was to not overload your schedule. You know, don’t join three clubs if you only have time for one and that kinda stuff. Well, what if you have a job?

In my opinion, this article completely neglected student workers. Eight hours of sleep, at least during the week, is very unlikely when you’re taking a full load at school while working part-time. Even my doctor asked me to try to sleep eight hours- but how? Let me put this into perspective: on the days that I work (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I must wake up around 5:30am. In order to get eight hours of sleep, that means I should go to bed at around 9pm so I can have enough time to fall asleep some time around 9:30pm. But by that time, I am only halfway through my school work (if I’m lucky). And on top of that, I have little time for extra-curricular activities. So what does that mean for us student workers?

Well, I’m not sure. Are we losing the competition? It depends on how you look at it. Are we constantly more edgy, tired and stressed because of lack of sleep? Certainly. Could we be able to pursue healthier sleep habits? I don’t think so. Then where’s the article for the ones who can’t choose to cut down on their off-campus activities?

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