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College Resume Tips (Part 2?)

Since I’ve noticed that a lot of people have come to this blog looking for the post I wrote on college resume tips, I’ve decided to upload a sample of a very modified version of my resume. You can find it here.

Married During College

This is bizarre. Only recently have I begun to feel like I’m getting the hang of things around here. Right when I’m about to leave UCLA.

It was more beautiful in person!

There are many things that I wish I could change, but I’m finally realizing that I cannot control everything. In fact, the only thing I can barely try to control is myself. And I even have trouble doing that sometimes.

On the other hand, some things seem to be sailing smoothly. My classes are depressing. They are mostly about poverty and injustice in the world. Yet for some reason, I seem to be very good at them. Mind you, this is just my opinion since I haven’t gotten any midterm grades back, but I really like what I’ve been writing about. For the first time ever, I’ve felt comfortable enough to share my papers with others- this used to terrify me.

Work sucks, but that’s what happens when you work in customer service. Regardless of how awful most people are, there are still the very few who brighten my days with their goodness and¬†wittiness. Like the older couple today in which the sir was making fun of the fact that he does everything his wife “orders” him to do. I smiled and told him that that’s how it’s supposed to be done. We all had a good laugh with that one.

My internship is the same as usual: It’s difficult to get myself there, but when I do, it’s not so bad. However, I am in the middle of a text-argument with a peer intern (I was not the initiator) and I anticipate this will be a problem in the future, since we usually work together. In short, I’m being blamed because I looked out after my own interest AFTER I had offered a solution to benefit both. Hard not to do when the answer to the original offer was: “Well, that’s really your personal situation, not mine.” Ha, if it had been just my situation then why are you yelling at me through text messages now? Life is a joy. I buy Whoppers for moments like this one.

Just kidding, I bought them because a coworker dragged me to CVS during our break to get candy. I didn’t complain.

My relationship with my wife is great as always. Well, not as always (we are human, you know?), but it’s been particularly good lately. I will not lie, the law school application process was a big problem for us at times, but ever since that got sorted out, things have gotten a lot better. Also, as I blogged before, I have a duty to force myself to calm down. For my health and all.

In any case, last night after studying for a while, we went to the Westwood Village and ended up at 800 Degrees Pizza for dinner. It was legit. All of this goodness I’ve been going through is made a thousand times easier because I get to share it with the love of my life. I really don’t understand why most people don’t get married during college. I highly recommend it ūüėČ

Best pizza I’ve ever had!

-Mrs. This One

On a Schedule

A lot has happen, yet my mind can think of so little at this point. It is almost midnight, so that may be a factor.

There are two days left on my spring break. I will be spending those two days interning. I don’t know about you, but I’d say this is the life, right? No, you’re right, I’d rather be in Lake Tahoe.

Here’s the thing though, life is really good right now. I can’t believe things worked out so well for us. After spending the last weekend in Orange County, I definitely saw myself living there. Either for the next three years or for the long term. Yes, I feel like I’ve betrayed every Democrat out there, but unfortunately one’s gotta make a living.

I’ve met so many people in the past few days. I’m learning again¬†to network. I used to be good at it, then I got married and the rest of the world stop being important. But now that the rest of the world could give me a job after graduation, they matter again, a lot.

What’s next then? One more quarter at UCLA, graduation, the summer, then it’ll be moving day! Crazy, right?

College Student Resume Tips [Revised]

After my dear fellow blogger, Deborah, posted¬†“A Love Letter,”¬†I had some thoughts of my own on essay writing and putting the best of you on paper. As I mentioned earlier, I am in the process of hunting and applying for scholarships. This comes just right after 20 applications for law school. Yes, I did say 20. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to more applications, but I could use a scholarship (or ten), so this is what I will be doing when I’m not working, studying, interning, or living.

A current resume is one of the most commonly asked components for scholarship applications. Because of this, I went through my current work and academic resumes. These happened to be the ones that I used for law school applications. My first diagnostic was: What was I thinking? There was nothing wrong per se with the resumes, but I didn’t connect with them. They didn’t make me look at them and think “wow!” I was a bit upset that I even let law school admissions staff look at them in the first place. But I suppose in the big scope of things, it didn’t matter all that much since I’m going to the school I wanted to go to anyway.

After some browsing on how to craft resumes, I was a bit confused as to what format was the right one to go with. So I decided to go with what I’d call the best advice I could give to any college student working on their resume: Keep it simple, clean, and professional.

I made my name bigger than anything else and centered it along with my contact information right below it. Then I added the different sections (i.e Education). I used font, bolding, italics, and capitalization in a way that would highlight what I considered to be important to grab the reader’s attention. The outcome: The best resumes I’ve ever come up with. I even felt as a more accomplished individual after printing them out.

Lastly, don’t you give up until you look at it and think “wow.”

Edit: Mine looks something like this:

Mrs. This One – Resume


P.S. Thank you Deborah for writing such a beautiful post that made me try harder.

The Cure for Procrastination?

There’s no question about it- we all love to procrastinate. It makes sense, why read 200 pages of statistical analysis when you could pop in a movie while you enjoy some delicious popcorn?

In the past, procrastination has been a terrible problem for me. Every single time I felt overwhelmed, I’d run to my ps3 and use it like there was no tomorrow. It relaxed me, but it also kept me behind on my work.

While browsing law school forums, I found an interesting thread titled “How Do You Motivate Yourself To Work”¬†Given my obvious procrastination problems, I clicked on it, anxious to find the results. Some of them were plain funny, like “turn off the internet” by Transferthrowaway. Some were just bizarre, like alicrimson’s: “I drive myself to fear failure and then panic and then get to work. That was first semester. Now, I fear screwing up next semester and then panic and then imagine how sad I would be if I screwed up and missed out on L. Rev grade on opp, which I never wanted to do until this semester, and then get to work.” But yet, there was one answer that struck a cord: “Reading equals grades. Grades equal money. I value money more than Youtube” by kalvano.

Although my main interest in life isn’t money, I understand Kalvano’s logic. Though I think I equate it with success instead. After all, “graduated with honors” has to mean something to employers, right? Well, his logic must be working because in the last 16 hours I’ve been more productive than in the past two weeks! Granted, I have to admit that thanks to my first offer of admission I feel happier and less stressed, so this may be a variable that could undermine what I’ve written here. But we have to agree that your priorities determine your actions, right?

Before I go back to staring at a book, I have to make a confession. Public Service Law School (PSLS) has recently become one of my top choices. I hope it has nothing to do with the fact that PSLS was “my first.” But I guess I won’t know for sure until I hear back from everywhere else.

-Mrs. This One

Hanging by a Moment

Today my work hours were cut. Starting this week, I will be 250 dollars short per month. I was given no prior notice, and in fact, I wasn’t even told that it had happened. I felt my stomach sink.

I have probably mentioned already how this summer we’re really tight on money- this won’t make it any better. I didn’t look for another job before the summer started because my boss told me I was going to be able to work close to full-time over the summer. Then, all of sudden, management changed their mind.

Because I am a “working student,” they feel it is okay to do this. But it really isn’t. This is my life they’re playing with. I may be a student, but I’m also a student who has bills to pay and needs money to buy food. They’ll get away with it though, because I’m disposable and they can just fire me- if they feel like it.

I looked into other jobs already but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get anything better. It is the middle of the summer after all, so finding a summer job might not be so easy at this time. If only I would have been told differently before, I could have had another job and not worry about how we’ll make it through now. People wonder why we have lawyers, but it is for moments like this one. Too bad I cannot afford one right now, and no one would probably take me that seriously on this. I still insist this is my life they’ve messed up with.

My break is about to be over and I will be off sometime this afternoon. Then the Mrs. and I will be able to sit down and talk about this. After all, we’re a team (thankfully) and I don’t have to deal with this all by myself. I just wish we didn’t have to deal with it at all. Though not to the same degree, I feel for the people who get laid off- I wonder if employers have the¬†slightest¬†clue of how much they can impact, in a negative way, someone else’s life.


I love My Boss’s Boss

Starting a family while you’re in college isn’t easy. On top of the usual financial strains, you have to worry about grades, and if you’re in our situation, you also have to worry about your boss.

Because our budget is very restricted over the summer (courtesy of the “help” of the financial aid office), I have to work as many hours as possible- on top of classes, and my research project. I suppose you can also add to that list house chores, and being a wife (because that’s a full-time thing too, you know?). Well, the increase in hours, led to working on a daily basis. And this is where my nightmare started.

I really used to like my boss, but thanks to seeing him everyday, that feeling has changed. I know, from being married (and just being part of a family really), that constant interaction may lead to conflict. It is a human thing- you can’t avoid it. But this is made worse if that interaction happens with someone you don’t actually love and wouldn’t take a bullet for… like my boss. Now he just seems annoying and I just want to avoid him at all cost.

Unfortunately, he is my boss and I do need to face him from time to time. Like today, when I needed to inquire about why he denied my request for 1 day off, out of 7 days he can schedule me for, so I can study for finals. When I asked to have a word, knowing that he was eager to clock out as this was the end of the day, he told me that I had to walk with him as he was leaving. What he didn’t realize is that his boss was just around the corner, and heard him say that. She immediately told him: “No, no. I am your manager and as a manager I always have time for my employees- so you should too. Go back to the office and make sure you help her (referring to me) fully.” Now, I usually don’t even like this lady, and to be quite honest, I didn’t mind walking him. But knowing how much he hates her and how much he doesn’t like to get called on by her- I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the part when he blushed and you could almost see fire coming out of his ears!

I rarely feel any satisfaction from seeing anyone in a bad spot- but after hearing this guy day after day complain about stuff I’m not even doing, it’s nice to see him feel the way he makes me feel on a daily basis.


To Work or Not to Work. . .

Lazy, irresponsible, unreliable, unproductive- these are just but a few of the things employers think of student workers. I mean, why not? We’re always gonna put studying for a midterm first over a day’s worth of work any day. Over final’s week of last quarter, for example, six people called in sick- yes, we were as understaffed as we could ever be.

Although I have tried to stay away from this stereotype and not call in sick on days where stress over being under prepared for class takes over, I have been missing work more often than I’d like to lately. The reality is that I’ve been sick for what it feels like a week now. We think it’s the flu, but it could be just a fever, or maybe I’m tired- or maybe my mind just wants some rest. Whatever it may be, I’m faced once again with the decision of calling in sick tomorrow.

*cough* I am definitely way too sick to come in today

Honestly, I don’t feel well. But I were to call in sick, I’d do it not because I want to rest, but because I want to go outside and do something that doesn’t include homework or customer service. So in a way this makes me feel guilty for wanting to call in sick in the first place. I mean, wouldn’t you feel guilty too? Not even a little bit?

Well- I have a long night to decide. I might just flip a coin and call it tails.

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