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I’ll Admit it- I’m Addicted to This!

What do you do during your lunch break?

I eat sometimes, but my favorite thing to do is to read. Mostly I read for school, but lately I’ve been able to do some more readings-

But what I’ve actually been liking about my lunchtime readings is that I’ve found myself some interesting company:

I named it Rick.

Okay, now seriously. The book I’m reading, Global Youth, has been one of the most interesting books I’ve read it a while. I’ve learned so much about youth in other places… like immigrants to the UK and Australia, French Canadians, Japanese technology-lovers, and Muslim youth in Indonesia. And I’m barely halfway through this book.

It amazes me how sheltered I grew up and how little I know about the world. Cultures are so amazing to me… we’re all so different, but that’s something I enjoy. But not a lot of people feel this way- hence discrimination and all.

But that’s silly, isn’t it? Think about it- would you want to wear the same shirt everyday? Wouldn’t you want to try something different?

Anyway, want a read an addicting book that will also teach you something valuable? Add this one to your reading list then!


Hanging by a Moment

Today my work hours were cut. Starting this week, I will be 250 dollars short per month. I was given no prior notice, and in fact, I wasn’t even told that it had happened. I felt my stomach sink.

I have probably mentioned already how this summer we’re really tight on money- this won’t make it any better. I didn’t look for another job before the summer started because my boss told me I was going to be able to work close to full-time over the summer. Then, all of sudden, management changed their mind.

Because I am a “working student,” they feel it is okay to do this. But it really isn’t. This is my life they’re playing with. I may be a student, but I’m also a student who has bills to pay and needs money to buy food. They’ll get away with it though, because I’m disposable and they can just fire me- if they feel like it.

I looked into other jobs already but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get anything better. It is the middle of the summer after all, so finding a summer job might not be so easy at this time. If only I would have been told differently before, I could have had another job and not worry about how we’ll make it through now. People wonder why we have lawyers, but it is for moments like this one. Too bad I cannot afford one right now, and no one would probably take me that seriously on this. I still insist this is my life they’ve messed up with.

My break is about to be over and I will be off sometime this afternoon. Then the Mrs. and I will be able to sit down and talk about this. After all, we’re a team (thankfully) and I don’t have to deal with this all by myself. I just wish we didn’t have to deal with it at all. Though not to the same degree, I feel for the people who get laid off- I wonder if employers have the¬†slightest¬†clue of how much they can impact, in a negative way, someone else’s life.


I love My Boss’s Boss

Starting a family while you’re in college isn’t easy. On top of the usual financial strains, you have to worry about grades, and if you’re in our situation, you also have to worry about your boss.

Because our budget is very restricted over the summer (courtesy of the “help” of the financial aid office), I have to work as many hours as possible- on top of classes, and my research project. I suppose you can also add to that list house chores, and being a wife (because that’s a full-time thing too, you know?). Well, the increase in hours, led to working on a daily basis. And this is where my nightmare started.

I really used to like my boss, but thanks to seeing him everyday, that feeling has changed. I know, from being married (and just being part of a family really), that constant interaction may lead to conflict. It is a human thing- you can’t avoid it. But this is made worse if that interaction happens with someone you don’t actually love and wouldn’t take a bullet for… like my boss. Now he just seems annoying and I just want to avoid him at all cost.

Unfortunately, he is my boss and I do need to face him from time to time. Like today, when I needed to inquire about why he denied my request for 1 day off, out of 7 days he can schedule me for, so I can study for finals. When I asked to have a word, knowing that he was eager to clock out as this was the end of the day, he told me that I had to walk with him as he was leaving. What he didn’t realize is that his boss was just around the corner, and heard him say that. She immediately told him: “No, no. I am your manager and as a manager I always have time for my employees- so you should too. Go back to the office and make sure you help her (referring to me) fully.” Now, I usually don’t even like this lady, and to be quite honest, I didn’t mind walking him. But knowing how much he hates her and how much he doesn’t like to get called on by her- I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the part when he blushed and you could almost see fire coming out of his ears!

I rarely feel any satisfaction from seeing anyone in a bad spot- but after hearing this guy day after day complain about stuff I’m not even doing, it’s nice to see him feel the way he makes me feel on a daily basis.


Paying Our Dues

I’ve feel like I’ve been needing to take a deep breath for a while. At the end of last quarter, I thought that school couldn’t get any more stressful than it was last quarter, and I was truly looking forward to this quarter because of the classes I decided to take (History of Rome from Caesar to Constantine; Seminar on the Russian Revolution with my thesis advisor, Prof. G; Intro to Sociological Theory with my wife). Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let me clarify, it’s not that I’m not enjoying my classes. I am loving them. I know my wife is loving her classes, too (for the most part…). I just had no idea that this much stress was possible! Both my wife and I are working 24 hours per week (her: MWF; me: MWThF) and are taking more than full time units (her: 15!; me: 13). This leaves very little time for things like sleep, cleaning, or cooking, which, ultimately puts more stress back on us (no time to cook leads to paying for meals leads to more time devoted to working to earn money leads to less time used on homework leads to less time being able to sleep leads to sleeping when we should be doing things like cooking or cleaning… repeat).

Long story short, I’m looking forward to a bit of R&R over spring break. We are visiting my wife’s family in the South, and I have never been anywhere that I consider “southern” (I went to Orlando to Disney World a couple times… not really the “south”). I’m very excited to start in Atlanta and work our way inland to Alabama. I think it’ll be a good trip, but I’m not sure how much relaxing I’ll be able to do since I’m quite nervous about meeting my wife’s family.

I have higher (farther) places I’d like to go as well. Today, as always, I got a deal in my inbox for TravelZoo. I decided to poke around the site a bit because I had a few minutes to kill. I was bombarded by deals across the Atlantic for $499 4 nights in Dublin (air and hotel included) and Paris for $1099 for a week (air and hotel included), and I couldn’t help but daydream about the future when we’ll be able to travel more…. But for now, we will continue to pay our dues as starving, working, married students trying to support ourselves and each other without going crazy. Wish us luck for our last month of class this quarter (we need it!).

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